The Slavonia Tourist Cluster in Zagreb presents its tourist offer through a new, modern and different concept

Focus on domestic guests and domestic travel agencies - this is the base of continental tourism. Especially in covid times, when it is precisely the focus on continental and rural destinations. After more ...

Focus on domestic guests and domestic travel agencies - this is the base of continental tourism. Especially in covid times, when it is precisely the focus on continental and rural destinations.

After more than successful study trip to Slavonia for representatives of domestic travel agencies held last weekend, Tourist cluster Slavonia in Zagreb presents its tourist offer through the program "A land of stories and a sea of ​​experiences”- attractions, contents and enogastronomy of eastern Croatia.

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Namely, it is a WEEKEND DESTINATION Festival that lasts three days (03.-05.06.2021.) With networking and music program every night, all with the aim of presenting new tourist experiences of the whole of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. Five Slavonian tourist boards of the counties gathered through the Slavonia Tourist Cluster will present their offers and experiences: Virovitica-Podravina, Požega-Slavonia, Brod-Posavina, Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem

"The joint performance at the Weekend Destination Festival in Zagreb, from June 3 to 5, is a continuation of the joint activities of the Slavonia cluster in this weakened postcovid time. Until this covid time, we have been doing everything together in the overseas market. We started intensive activities in the domestic market together, the campaign "Land of Stories, Sea of ​​Experience" is underway and this is the slogan that emerged from the campaign proposal, but we all really liked it, so as Land of Stories, Sea of ​​Experience we perform together in Zagreb. The concept of the performance is that we will have a common info desk for the whole of Slavonia where we will have an informant who will share destination information, but each county is not represented through the tourist community but through the service provider. From the area of ​​VSŽ it will be Acin salaš from Tordinac, Hotel Lola from Vukovar, Otočki virovi as a public institution with new facilities and the Birdwatching Center and Brod sv. Catherine in Germany", He points out Rujana Busic Srpak, director of the Vukovar-Srijem Tourist Board and coordinator of the Slavonia Cluster.

The goal of the Weekend destination of the festival is to unite in one place to offer a travel offer to Croatia with a special emphasis on weekend travel. The partner of the first Weekend Destination of the festival is the Tourist Cluster Slavonia under the slogan "Land of stories, sea of ​​experiences".

The concept of the festival relies on the presentation of Croatian destinations by presenting exhibitors with their diverse offer, gastronomic content and music program. The offer consists of the best Croatian destinations and food corners with a top Croatian gastronomic offer in order to complete the experience of the Croatian gastronomic offer.

"VSŽ is in charge of the music program on the first day of the opening, so on Thursday we hired the proven duo Hojsak & Novosel, which performs music in a new way on traditional instruments. It is not really a random choice of musicians, it is actually the perception of Slavonia that we want to show, so what we traditionally have in a new guise and I think that their performance is on that track. So we invite everyone to join us. The musical duo is already known to the audience, because they are the winners of Porin and participated in the Days of Croatian Tourism and were participants in one of our presentations. This is a new concept, not a classic fair, but a festival in which we will communicate with visitors and try in a new modern way in a new different space to show Slavonia, which is a partner of the first Weekend Destination festival under the slogan "The land of stories, the sea of ​​experiences", concludes Bušić Srpak.

This is certainly a new concept, especially since the destination offer will be primarily service providers, not tourist boards. Of course, tourist boards will also be present, especially for travel agencies and other partners to connect and present their offer, but this time the focus is precisely on the bidders.

Weekend destination WEEK & SLAVONIJA "Land of stories, sea of ​​experiences" is held from 03. to 05.06. in Avant Garden (Magazinska 16) in Zagreb. See you.

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