Trade Air increased its fleet with another Airbus A320

As we announced ten days ago, the Croatian private airline, Trade Air, is increasing its fleet, the Airbus A320. Yesterday was the handover, so TradeAir in its fleet ...

As we did ten days ago, a Croatian private airline, Trade Air, increases its fleet, namely the Airbus A320.

Yesterday was the handover, so TradeAir currently has three Airbus A320s in its fleet.

It is an aircraft manufactured in 2004 that has flown for Air Malta, the national carrier of Malta, for the last 6 years. The aircraft is in a configuration with 180 new passenger seats, freshly painted, and in perfect condition for flying and with a new 9A-BTI registration.

Photo: TradeAir

"Although winter is coming, a period in which we do not expect to have too much work for this aircraft, we believe that in the long run this aircraft will contribute to the growth of the company and the expansion of the customer base.”Point out Trade Trade.

By the way, Trade Air connects Lijepa naša as part of the PSO program.

  • Osijek - Zagreb - Osijek,
  • Osijek - Pula - Osijek,
  • Osijek - Rijeka - Osijek,
  • Pula - Split - Pula,
  • Rijeka - Split - Dubrovnik - Split - Rijeka

It is important to note that Trade Air lines operate throughout the year, in both summer and winter timetables.

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