TUI expects 2,8 million bookings and records strong demand growth for 2022.

TUI has reduced its planned capacity for July and the current course of the season from 80% to 75% at the level of 2019, reports the portal TUI has announced new trends in ...

TUI has reduced its planned capacity for July and the current season from 80% to 75% at the level of 2019, reports the portal

TUI has announced new trends in current bookings for summer 2021 as part of its annual meeting. The progress of vaccination campaigns, the increased availability of rapid tests, and the planned opening strategies of some European governments show a positive effect on TUI customer booking behavior.

In the German and British markets, tourists are especially expected to show considerable backward demand, according to TUI, and the growing interest in summer vacations according to their data is visible in all distribution channels. Which makes it clear that customer demand exists and people want to travel.

Progress in the fight against the pandemic is crucial, they emphasize from TUI and point out that there are justified reasons for optimism. As pointed out by TUI, unlike the summer of 2020, vaccines from various manufacturers will be available in the summer of 2021, vaccination has begun, and passengers will be able to use rapid tests. “This is a significant step forward and encourages for everyday life and life in European markets and for people and companies in destinations", States from TUI.

In Germany, TUI supports an initiative by airlines and the German government to test tourists at destinations during the Easter holidays before returning to Germany. “Testing and vaccinations are important to get out of the pandemic and allow families to spend their holidays on holiday, both "at home" and when traveling to the Mediterranean. " consider from TUI and point out that all current holiday offers are aimed at relaxation, walks on the beach and experiencing nature.

This summer, TUI expects 2,8 million bookings or peak season capacity from July 2021 at 75 percent

Since February, TUI has recorded around 180 bookings of new customers for the key summer months, ie in the fourth business quarter (July, August, September). In addition, many guests from the UK who planned a holiday before 000 May 17 and who are affected by the customized program have booked for a later travel date 2021.

As an example from TUI they state that bookings for October 2021 were increased by 12 per cent in TUI UK. “We continue to record strong backlog demand, and the desire to travel is evident in the UK, as bookings for next summer 2022 are now around 120 per cent higher than bookings from summer 2021. Provisions especially for May 2022 recorded an increase of more than 150 percent compared to provisions for May 2021."

Overall, bookings across the TUI Group for summer 2021, including bookings and voucher redemptions, remain unchanged at an encouraging level of 2,8 million guests. Although at 60 percent compared to the summer of 2019, TUI expects the total capacity for the "peak" of the summer season at various 75 percent (previously: 80 percent) compared to 2019.

"Flexible business model enables capacity management based on demand, and for the peak of the summer travel season we are again striving for good load factors and improved margins. The group remains flexible to re-increase capacity in the short term as further progress is made in pandemic campaigns, the importance of vaccinations, the lifting of travel restrictions and the expected increase in customer demand. The goal is still a safe and responsible vacation with very high hygiene standards during the trip”They conclude from TUI.

Photo: TUI

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