TUI presented a ten-point plan for hotel operations

The two largest European groups of tour operators, TUI and DER Touristik, want hotels to introduce measures of social distance and improve hygiene standards, including the abolition of buffet breakfast, in order to ...

The two largest European tour operator groups, TUI and DER Touristik, want hotels to introduce social distance measures and improve hygiene standards, including the abolition of the breakfast buffet, so that they can work safely after lifting travel restrictions with anti-coronavirus.

Thus, TUI and DER Touristik presented their concepts, both for their own facilities and partner hotels, so that in the future they can act safely and hygienically in the fight against any spread of coronavirus in tourism.

Key measures include intensive cleaning, social distance between staff and guests, almost no buffet food and less fun or sports activities.

"With our integrated group-wide health and safety management system, we can ensure that our hotels meet the high expectations of guests and provide the best possible protection against infections in these unusual times.”Explained Sebastian Ebel, TUI board member responsible for the Holiday experiences.

TUI’s 10-point plan, with a range of measures and standards, will be implemented in 400 of its own brands such as TUI Blue, Robinson and TUI Magic Life and made available to their hotel partners.

Here is a detailed plan:

Hotel organization

1) Online Entry Form: Tourists who can check in contactlessly at most hotels by registering online via the hotel's website or via a smartphone.

2) Distance rule: In public areas, such as restaurants, hallways or gyms, all employees are required to keep a distance of 1,5 to two meters between them and guests. For example, tables in restaurants will only be cleaned when guests have emptied them.
3) Staff planning: Staff will work together in fixed teams to reconstruct possible chains of infection.


4) Restaurant: Limiting the number of guests in restaurants capacity will be significantly reduced. The tables will be placed at a distance of at least 1,5 meters.
5) Extension of working hours: In order to provide enough space for all guests, the opening hours of the restaurant and other hotel facilities will be extended.
6) Entertainment and activities: Only events, sports and entertainment involving a small number of participants and no close contact will be available. The offer of the spa will be adjusted, and the care of children will be organized according to the new standards.

Hygiene and disinfection

7) Disinfection device extension: The number of dispensers will increase significantly so that guests and employees can disinfect their hands at all important contact points.
8) Room cleaning: all rooms will be thoroughly ‘deeply cleaned’ before arrival and after the departure of all guests.
9) Self-service restriction: Self-service offers, such as a buffet, will be kept to a minimum. Wherever possible, food and drink will be offered to guests by staff wearing protective masks.

Extensive training program

10 ) New training: TUI will train all employees in its own hotels. There will be a comprehensive independent training and inspection program for partner hotels.

Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group: The season starts later, but could take longer

"Together with destinations and our partners, we have developed extensive protection measures for our guests. The demand for the holidays is still very high. People want to travel. Our integrated business model allows us to start travel activities as soon as possible again. The season starts later, but could last longer. For 2020, we will "invent" a new vacation: new destinations, changed seasons, new local offer, more digitalization. ”Said Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group.

Immediately after TUI was forced to largely suspend operations due to travel restrictions worldwide, the Group decided to apply for a € 1,8 billion loan.

It is interesting to note that 35 percent of the summer program for 2020 is currently reserved in TUI. On the other hand, the TUI Group plans to reduce the number of employees by 8.000.

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