Tourist Board of Slovenia: Most of Slovenia is safe and open to tourists


10. August 2023.

Tourist Board of Slovenia informs all travelers on its official website that most of Slovenia is safe and open for tourists.

 "Tourist destinations and service providers continue to take care of their guests and try to ensure that travelers experience Slovenia in the most beautiful light", the Slovenian Tourist Board announced.

Unfortunately, part of the country is still inaccessible due to the consequences of the floods, and road and rail transport is difficult or interrupted in some places. Below is current information and practical advice for a carefree vacation in Slovenia:

- The weather has calmed down, and the hydrological conditions throughout the country are also calming down. You can follow the weather forecast and recommendations on the official website of the ARSO agency.

- Due to the consequences of floods, roads in some parts of the country are impassable, damaged or closed, especially in Carinthia. Conditions are constantly changing. Drivers, follow the instructions of the emergency services and do not drive on closed roads.

- In parts of Slovenia affected by floods, bus and rail passenger traffic may be delayed, detoured or cancelled. 

- The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia, which takes care of the network of mountain trails in Slovenia, collects data on the condition of trails and closes damaged sections. At the same time, they invite mountaineers not to go to the most critical places. They urge you to choose destinations in other parts of the country for hiking and to follow the advice for a safe visit to the mountains.

- Mountain lodges in most of Slovenia are open and work as usual according to the schedule published on the lodges' websites.

- The situation is most difficult in the area of ​​Gornja Savinjska dolina in Carinthia, where most hiking trails are closed. A good part of the Škofjeloški and Polhograj mountains and the Kamniško-Bistrica area are also affected, so it is not recommended to visit the mentioned parts.

Photo: Tomislav Moze
Source: Slovenian tourist organization


10. August 2023.