Two active campaigns for the post-season: One for nautical, the other for wellness and spa


November 24, 2022

The Croatian Tourist Board conducts promotional campaigns on the most important broadcasting markets, the aim of which is to position Croatia as a high-quality and attractive destination with a rich content, i.e. as an ideal destination for tourist trips in the off-season. 

It is about campaigns "Croatia, Full of Islands That's it Products" for promotion nautical i „Peace of Mind" whose goal is to present Croatia through a luxury offer aimed at wellness and spa, relaxation, culture, or a variety of offers that can inspire guests to come to Croatia to find their peace and satisfaction.

"Our country is very well recognized as a quality nautical destination, and this product attracts guests to our country throughout the year. When we add to that our rich offer of cultural tourism, eno-gastronomy, wellness and a large number of events, we arrive at those parts of our overall offer that make Croatia an ideal destination for travel in pre- and post-season. Currently, more than 20 thousand guests are resting in our country, and most of them stay in destinations such as Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Opatija and Poreč. Through these campaigns, as well as those that we are preparing for the Advent period, we want to attract an even greater number of guests in order to further confirm and strengthen the already excellent results of tourist traffic achieved during this year", he said Christian Stanicic, director of the Croatian Tourist Board.

Full of islands

The nautical campaign will be carried out in the markets Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Great Britain and the USA until the end of December through online and print advertising, as well as through activities on social networks. 

Campaign "Peace of mind" is based on numerous studies according to which consumers and travel enthusiasts are increasingly focusing on quality and sustainable vacations, that is, on finding inner peace. It is a global campaign that is carried out on social networks and that includes 12 most important broadcasting markets for Croatian tourism. 

Also, both campaigns aim to attract tourists with higher spending power, but also highlight those products and segments of the offer that can be the bearers of promoting Croatia as a quality year-round destination. 

Let's add that in Croatia, according to the data of the eVisitor system, this was achieved in the current part of the year 104 million overnight stays. The above represents 96 place results from the record year 2019. At the same time, in nautical charter accomplished more than 3.6 million overnight stays which compared to last year represents a growth of 17 place, i.e. growth from 2 place compared to the record year 2019.  

Photo: HTZ


November 24, 2022