TZG Krk: From the traditional presentation of heritage to innovations in the promotion of tourist products

The Tourist Board of the City of Krk continues with the digitization of the tourist offer of the destination with a digital version of the informative guide

Author  HrTurizam Promo

30. September 2022.

The Tourist Board of the City of Krk continues with the digitization of the tourist offer of the destination with a digital version of the information guide, and this is supported by the fact that, in addition to those in the city of Krk and Milohnići, info-totems were also installed in Kornić and Pinezići this summer.

Digital info-guide through the destination, is available via Web pages, and it consists of a comprehensive overview of content and information distributed by thematic units. What most often occupies tourists on trips, especially to new and unknown places, is the collection of various information.

Already during planning, it is through the aforementioned guide that one can gain insight into the offer of cultural, entertainment and specific sales content, then restaurants, accommodation facilities, beach facilities, sports and recreation opportunities, and all the way to other important information such as the availability of health services or filling stations for electric vehicles. Also, service, transport and other service activities are listed in this guide.

Info totem tzg krk2

The guide is also available as multi-touch application integrated into the contents of four info-totems, one placed in the very center of the city of Krk at the entrance to the old city center from the main town square - Vele place, and three located in Milohnići, Kornić and Pinezići.

Info-totems are easy to use, and thanks to the interactive system, they enable the user to reach all relevant information in the shortest way by touch or through a visually effective presentation. The interactive system is a set of equipment and a multi-touch software platform, and it is intended for information and presentation of the offer, but also for advertising, which has the potential to be extremely useful for informing guests and their hosts about numerous program contents that are organized throughout the year by the Tourist Board of the City of Krk, The Culture Center of the City of Krk, as well as other event organizers.

In addition to the digital info-guide, which will additionally contribute to the content and greater functionality of the city's info-totems, there are also previously available contents. A simple multi-touch interface brings the following categories: What today with a separate list of current announcements generated from the AlaŠu portal - online calendar of events, then Krk City Plan and, finally, a menu with the titles: Slideshow, Explore Krk, Krk Bike, Beaches, Events and Weather prognosis. In addition, the info-totem allows the user to view the project A gift from Krk, but also in the contents of two interesting interpretation points: the Interpretation Center of the maritime heritage of the island of Krk and the Interpretation Center of Krk established as part of the (EU) project Cultural-tourist route Putovima Frankopan.

In addition to the aforementioned innovations in the promotion of tourist products, the Tourist Board of the City of Krk continued with traditional presentation of heritage. Thus, at the beginning of this year, the renovation of worn and damaged information boards or tourist signage of cultural and historical landmarks in the wider area of ​​the City of Krk was completed. A total of 25 plaques were renewed, 15 in the area of ​​the Krk settlement and another 10 in its immediate vicinity, including locations on pedestrian and bicycle paths, while a new plaque was installed at Krk's Little Gate.

Specifically, in the area of ​​the settlement of Krk plaques were restored at the following locations: Benedictine church, chapel of St. Ane, Nave house, Pjanka, Krka pasara, Roman baths (next to the cathedral), tower on the coast, monastery of St. Franje, Gornja vrata, Londrona, Bombe, the mul under the park, Trg krčki Glagoljaša, Vijećnica, walls (upper gate), and in its vicinity: the church of St. Jakov (Kornić), church of St. Dunata (Dunat), Chapel of the Annunciation of Mary (Lakmartin), Church of St. Krševana (Šotovento), chapel of St. Peter (Brzac), church of St. Mihovila (Kosići), chapel of St. Leonarda (Bajčići), church of St. Fuske (Linardići), the church (Milohnići) and the church of St. Franje (Skrpčići).

Church of St. Dunat tzg krk

The companies Junior Kamen Krk d.o.o., Sitotisak Uhle d.o.o. d.o.o. and Velunex studio j.d.o.o. and VID - trade for education and teaching under the leadership of Milica Žužić were involved in the renovation process.

It is a bilingual, Croatian-English, tourist signage made of korion, i.e. artificial stone, with the text printed in the screen printing technique, additionally protected by a coating against UV radiation, which extends the life of the application itself.


Author  HrTurizam Promo

30. September 2022.