A document is being drafted that will define the future of Dubrovnik

The general urban plan is a key tool that cities and destinations have in their hands, and which clearly define the future planning, strategic and sustainable vision of city development. In our history ...

The general urban plan is a key tool that cities, ie destinations have in their hands, and which clearly define the future planning, strategic and sustainable vision of city development.

In our history, this tool failed to edit and define the vision of the development of our tourist destinations, which due to spontaneous development today has led cities to major infrastructural problems and the destruction of space as our most valuable resource. But we cannot correct history, but we can correct the future.

Precisely with this motive, the city of Dubrovnik started to amend the General Urban Plan and the Spatial Development Plan of the City of Dubrovnik.

Thus, as part of the public debate, which lasts until November 21, on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, in the Great Hall of the City of Dubrovnik and through the online system, two public presentations were held on proposed amendments to the General Urban Plan and Spatial Plan City of Dubrovnik.

Speaking in the introduction about the proposed changes the mayor Mato Franković he pointed out that the new GUP wants to insure itself harmony in space i disable weird constructions, which we have witnessed recently, and which are a consequence of the existing GUP.

"Of course, this is not the end of the matter. It will be completed only when we start next year with general changes to the spatial plans in Dubrovnik, which will fully strategically look at space. We must be aware that the city from Orsula to Kantafig cannot expand, because there is no more space, but that is why it needs to expand towards the Upper Villages and some other areas that we must strategically develop while considering the future. The space in the narrower part of the city should be preserved and left to future generations'', said Mayor Mato Franković.

The new provisions of the GUP restrictions apply primarily to the height of the objectsAt defining storeys in a different way, especially with regard to defining the concept of basement and basement, as well as object distance restrictions from the boundary of the building plot with a minimum distance of three meters. At the same time, a detailed and unambiguous glossary is introduced, the number and definition of functional units, the minimum percentage of green areas on the plot, an explanation of the concept of quiet turnover.

Božo Benić from the Society of Architects, which participated in its development, pointed out that the representatives of the professional public are involved for the first time in such a project of spatial planning.

"Consistent, precise plans are needed, which are formed strategically with clear concepts of spatial, economic and social development and in which appropriate criteria for the protection of various spatial layers are incorporated. The 2005 GUP was never a development or strategic document, but recycled certain concepts from the time of the South Adriatic strategic plan from the late XNUMXs, recording the current state of individual purposes, and zoning possible locations of new content without proper analysis of interactions with the space in which these same contents are planned. This GUP and later changes allowed uncontrolled conversions and construction interventions, apartmentization under the guise of housing, and the reduction of public space with the systematic amputation of urban tissue through the point implementation of individual projects. Dubrovnik needs new spatial planning documents of development orientation which as such will incorporate a clear vision of the city for the long term", Said Benic.


A document that defines the future of Dubrovnik's development

GUP is much more than defining the construction space, it gives guidelines for the vision of the future development of the city, quality of life and economic and tourist development.

These changes are included in the plans and city ​​projects such as the kindergarten in Komolac, where the recreation zone has been converted into a kindergarten zone, accommodation for doctors within the General Hospital, animal shelter, Omble sanitary protection zone, traffic system in the area of ​​Rijeka dubrovačka and changes related to the construction of public garages in the entire area of the city.

The report from the public hearings will be ready at the beginning of December, and then sent for opinion to the County Institute for Physical Planning and the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, they point out from the city of Dubrovnik. which is accordingly expected at the end of this or the beginning of next year.

Photo: Martin Zangerl, Unsplash.com


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