Zaton Holiday Resort announced the first World Camping Day 

The first World Camping Day was officially announced today at Zaton Holiday Resort, where more than 700 participants of the FICC World Camping Festival are currently staying...


29. June 2023.

The first World Camping Day today it was formally announced at the Zaton Holiday Resort, where more than 700 participants are currently staying FICC World Camping Festival (FICC World Camping Festival) from Europe and the world.

Turisthotel's flagship was thus forever inscribed on the world map of camping because it was Zaton Holiday Resort that was chosen as this year's host of the festival, as well as at the ceremonial announcement of the first World Camping Day. 

"Considering the beauty of the nature of this region, which was sung by the great poet Petar Zoranić in his first Croatian novel Planine, it is not surprising that the International Camping Federation chose Zaton Holiday Resort  as the host of the festival and as the destination where it will mark its 90th anniversary and declare and celebrate the first World Camping Day. Thanks also to the campers who happily choose our county for vacation. I hope that the development of this type of tourism will also be recognized by our local businessmen, because despite so many guests from the camping sector, we still do not have service centers or shops with equipment for campers. In Zaton, it doesn't matter where you are from or what you are like, it is important that you rest and enjoy the beauty of this area", He said Ante Sjauš, Head of the Administrative Department for Economy and Tourism of Zadar County.

He pointed out at today's ceremony that Croatia is today a leader in tourism in the Mediterranean and in Europe Robert Pende, representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. 

"Our camps are original, truly merged with nature, which is what our guests expect from their stay in the camps. Almost half of the Croatian camps have 4 or 5 stars and we want to go in that direction in the future. We secured substantial funds from the European Union, and we also support all investments in domestic camps. We want recognizable and sustainable tourism, not 'overtourism'. But quality is the most important", said Pende when addressing the crowd at Zaton Holiday Resort. 

"Sincere congratulations to the host and organizer of the Festival. Today is a very important day because we celebrate the first World Camping Day thanks to the efforts of the Federation. It is a successful initiative to raise global awareness about camping and the connection between tourism and nature. At the same time, the atmosphere in the sector is very good and we recorded excellent results in the first half of the year. But the pandemic and other challenges have shown the sector that it must change and that new strategies and business models must be developed", he said Ion Vilc from UNWTO and added that the sector has changed and tourists are different and care much more about the local community. That is why camping has become a very important segment of the industry and a very dynamic one at that.

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"Tourists want to connect with nature, they want authentic and original experiences, and on the other hand, camping tourism is somewhat more favorable, so in this period of inflation, that is not negligible either. Our host, Croatia, is the best example of how to use this tourism niche, and the role of the Federation is crucial because it raises awareness of the qualities of camping.", added Vilca.

"I couldn't imagine a better time, view and location for this big day. Today, June 29, we celebrate the first World Camping Day. Why June 29? Because today is the holiday of St. Peter and Paul, and Paul was a world traveler and a great admirer of nature" he stressed João Alves Pereira president of the association FICC (Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning) and added that the camping movement has become important in vacation planning because slowly everyone realizes that this structure of guests is also important.

"And they spend money at gas stations, in restaurants, shops, we have to make them aware that this money also goes to local economies. We want to work on promoting camping as a framework for building 'openair' tourism and I am very proud that today we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of our association It is a great honor and pleasure that all this is happening at Zaton Holiday Resort, in the first Croatian super camp. The energy and passion that our hosts have invested in the organization of the festival and this celebration shows why thousands of guests choose this particular resort", he added Alves Pereira.

Let us remind you that the Croatian resort will host the new edition of the Festival and the declaration of the first World Camping Day it was decided last year at the world congress of the Federation Internationale de Camping et Caravanning (FICC) association in Paris, where representatives of Zaton Holiday Resort were also present, who on that occasion introduced the participants to the rich offer of the resort and the Zadar region.


29. June 2023.