UGP: Is this the final end of the occasional passenger transport business?

All those whose moratorium expired on April 12 have all interest due. The Croatian government has promised to find a solution, but it seems that there is another in a series ...

All those whose moratorium expired on April 12 have all interest due. The Croatian government has promised to find a solution, but it seems that another in a series of promises has been played, at the same time leasing companies have started confiscating vehicles - they say in a statement from the Association of Voices of Entrepreneurs (UGP). with the Government.

Voice of Entrepreneurs Transport Committee held a meeting with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure on 24 March. Subsequently, on 25 and 26 March, they held additional consultations with ministry representatives on the financial assistance model. Again, after meetings and consultations at which concrete assistance was agreed, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the competent ministries did not make a decision to solve the problem of entrepreneurs whose moratoriums have expired. 

"This way we have to point out that they are lease the houses initially supported the demands of occasional passenger carriers and expressed a desire to approve further reprogramming. What made us after such an initial attitude lease the house was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that they were lease the houses nevertheless set out to seize the vehicle“, They emphasize from UGP and wonder if this is the final end of the activity of occasional passenger transport?

The UGP points out that according to their information, a minimum of 30 vehicles have been seized in the past two weeks, while from lease houses receive information on how they massively approve the reprogram. But on the ground, the situation is completely different. “According to our knowledge lease houses approve reprograms for vehicles they are sure they cannot sell, while for other vehicles that have a chance of being sold for half price, they do not approve reprograms. It also happened to our members to sign a reprogram for 12 months, only to receive a new offer a few days later in which 12 months is replaced by only 3 months ” stand out from the Transport Committee of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association.

Marko Slišković, Coordinator of the UGP Transport Committee: It is tragic that absolutely nothing has been done to help occasional transport

"Less than four weeks ago, I stated that a light could be seen at the end of the tunnel for the occasional transport of passengers. Unfortunately, the candle burned out. April 1 is long gone, all leasing companies have sent clients full installments and interest for the past period. We have broken the due date for payment and this is unfortunately the end. It is tragic that absolutely nothing has been done to help the occasional transport. I congratulate Prime Minister Plenković, Minister Marić and Minister Butković for classifying Croatia alongside Albania, as the only countries in Europe that have not helped the occasional passenger transport business. I'm just interested in who the terrain has been prepared for which over 1000 companies have to fail and who will save the money in their pocket? Unfortunately, my colleagues and I are now slaves to leasing companies. Within a year, in addition to no companies, we will be left without private property going to the drum." He said Marko Slišković, coordinator of the Transport Committee of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association. 

A major problem is also the Croatian National Bank, which has not issued any instructions for new moratoriums, ie reprograms, while lease the houses were not invited to a meeting at the Ministry of Finance to agree on potential reprograms and state guarantees. 

"We must point out that the Committee on Transport has received information that a model is being designed according to which a monthly fee would be paid per vehicle from now on," following the example of other European countries. " We must point out that other countries have been doing this since the beginning of the crisis, and that it cannot be "erased" just like that for the past year. Also, in other countries after a year of such assistance, carriers in occasional passenger transport do not have a problem with paying interest on leasing because in the meantime they paid them from the said aid. Such a model cannot save any carrier because they have nothing to settle the debts that have accumulated in the last year. We don’t understand why we’re trying to find a model that has nothing to do with what we’ve been arranging. The model that is now planned to be proposed will not be effective, it will not help anyone!"

The Voice of Entrepreneurs Association appeals to accept the proposals that the carriers, together with the representatives of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, designed and proposed, as well as to make decisions and satisfactory financial assistance programs immediately! Otherwise, this activity could become the first permanently destroyed branch of the Croatian economy without any chance of recovery.

This is the amount of 200 million kuna which will save the entire business, jobs and ensure the survival of companies.

Photo: UGP

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