The Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival started in style: Arsenal and Trg Petr Zoranić are full of guests and excellent seafood snacks

The Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival is about to start, at a festive gala dinner on Friday in Arsenal and on Saturday morning under a big tent on Petra Zor Square...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

6. April 2024.
The Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival at its start, at the festive gala dinner on Friday in Arsenal and on Saturday morning under the big tent on Petr Zoranić Square, showed and proved that it will probably be the most important and most interesting gastronomic and tourist event this year in Zadar.
The flavors of the Adriatic Sea, its blue and white fish, those that were offered from their cages exclusively by the Zadar companies Pelagos Net Farma, Jadran tuna, Kali tuna, Cromaris and Marikomerc, top chef teams from Biograd's Illyria, which were only joined in one part by colleagues from of the Zagreb sushi restaurant Takenoko, on Friday at the Arsenal they turned into literally thousands of small but great bites that even the most rigorous critics could not resist or object to.
The easiest way to describe the meal offer is this: There was everything! Have a good one!
From Japanese classic sushi, nagiri and hosomaki to typical Mediterranean snacks with tuna, anchovies and Cromaris' stars sole, sea bass, toothfish... Maricomerco's great carpaccio of Adriatic octopus got a partner from the equally prepared, which is an absolute novelty, cuttlefish.

44 tuna sushi wine festival Zadar 6

30 tuna sushi wine festival Zadar 6

The relaxed gourmet atmosphere, enriched with great wines from Zadar winemakers, was further relaxed by the bubbly Danijela Martinović. The fact that Arsenal was divided into a ground floor and a floor (more expensive and served) part of the dinner did not spoil the overall impression. And the great Illyria proved and showed that it can handle even the most demanding culinary challenges without difficulty and in a great way. 

This year's TS&WF continued in the same rhythm on Petr Zoranić Square on Saturday morning. Zadar's Saturday peak has moved to this square, so in front of the Picnic food corner, Cromaris with the great sushi masters Mladen Križanović and our own Zadran Ivan Bašić and the one run by the Magura team and Burgers & More, powered by Pelagos Net Farma and Jadran tuna, formed long lines. In them - local people, but even more numerous tourists, who on a warm Saturday morning were literally 'a full town'.
The pre-season has arrived in style!
05 tuna sushi wine festival Zadar 6
21 tuna sushi wine festival Zadar 6

And they all enjoyed wines exclusively from local Zadar winemakers, authentic cocktails, and even non-alcoholic ones for children, as well as world-famous oils from Pakoštans Ante Vulin and Tomislav Čudina, Žamper cheeses from Dugi otok, products from Solana Nin... Musical support for a good atmosphere " in front of Skoblar" was Elena Stella with her Ante Jeličić Trio in her own way.

Both events were opened by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Brnjac and the director of the event's main organizer Iva Bencun.
The 8th TS&WF continues in the same rhythm on Sunday at Petr Zoranić Square, with the fact that the main chef star will be the great sushi master Mladen Križanović. And in the evening, there will be a musical treat - Damir Urban's concert.
Photo: Zadar Tourist Board

Author  HrTurizam Promo

6. April 2024.