The UNWTO expects a faster recovery of domestic tourism than international travel

As travel restrictions begin to ease globally, destinations around the world are focusing on growing domestic tourism, and many are offering incentives to encourage people to explore their own ...

How do travel restrictions are starting to ease Globally, destinations around the world are focused on growing domestic tourism, and many offer coco incentives to encourage people to explore their own country. As expected World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), domestic tourism will recover faster than international travel, which is an opportunity for both developed and developing countries to recover from social and economic impacts pandemic COVID-19.

Recognizing the importance of domestic tourism, the specialized agency of the United Nations announced Third in a rowu information notes for tourism called "Understanding domestic tourism and exploiting its opportunities". Namely, UNWTO data show that in 2018 the eye was realized 9 billion domestic tourist trips worldwide which is six times more than international tourist arrivals (1,4 billion in 2018). The publication identifies the ways in which destinations around the world are taking proactive steps to grow domestic tourism, from offering bonus vacations to workers to providing vouchers and other incentives to people traveling to their own countries.

Domestic tourism to encourage recovery

According to UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili, the UNWTO expects a faster recovery of domestic tourism than international travel, and given the size of domestic tourism, this will help many destinations recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic while protecting jobs, livelihoods and enable the return of social benefits offered by the tourism offer.

The report also shows how in most destinations, domestic tourism generates higher revenues than international. In OECD countries (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), domestic tourism accounts for 75% of total tourism expenditure, while in the European Union, domestic tourism consumption is 1,8 times higher than foreign consumption. Globally, the largest domestic tourism markets in terms of expenditure are the United States with nearly $ 1 trillion, Germany with $ 249 billion, Japan $ 201 billion, the United Kingdom with $ 154 billion, and Mexico with $ 139 billion.

Initiatives to strengthen domestic tourism

Given the value of domestic tourism and current trends, an increasing number of countries are taking steps to grow their markets, the UNWTO reports. This new note provides case study initiatives designed for stimulating domestic demand. Includes initiatives aimed at marketing and promotion, as well as financial incentives. Examples of countries taking targeted steps to increase the number of domestic tourists include:

  • U Italy the Bonus Vacanze initiative offers families with incomes up to € 40.000 a contribution up to € 500 to be spent in accommodation for domestic tourism.
  • Malaysia awarded $ 113 million in travel discount vouchers for domestic tourism expenditures, as well as tax breaks of up to $ 227.
  • Costa Rica is everything holidays 2020 and 2021 moved to Monday to make Costa Ricans enjoy long weekends and to extend their stay on trips around the country.
  • Francuska je launched the #CetÉtéJeVisiteLaFrance campaign (“Visit France this summer”) highlighting the diversity of destinations across the country.
  • Argentina she announced creation of a scientific institution for domestic tourism to get a better profile of Argentine tourists.
  • Thailand will subsidize 5 million hotel accommodation nights at 40% of the usual room rates for up to five nights.

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