Vaccinated 45 percent of the adult population. Least in Dalmatian counties, which live from tourism

On 5 July, 37,3% of the total population and 45% of the adult population were vaccinated. A total of 2.687.515 doses of vaccine were consumed. A total of 1.511.987 persons were vaccinated with the first dose (including doses with the status ...

On 5 July, 37,3% of the total population was vaccinated, that is, 45% of the adult population.  

A total of 2.687.515 doses of vaccine were consumed. A total of 1.511.987 subjects were vaccinated with the first dose (including doses with unknown status), of whom 1.175.528 were vaccinated with the two doses.

The highest coverage of vaccinated with the first dose was achieved in City of Zagreb (43,4% of the total population, or 52,7% of the adult population). The completed vaccination of the total population was achieved to the greatest extent in Dubrovnik-Neretva County (31,9%), while the completed vaccination of the adult population was mostly achieved in City of Zagreb (39,4%).

"Although we did not reach the planned vaccination of 50 or 55 percent of the population at the end of June, we cannot be dissatisfied. These 45 percent of adult citizens who were vaccinated expressed confidence in the health care system and protected their own health, but also the health of others. We are facing new challenges posed by the delta strain and vaccinating citizens with two doses of any vaccine is the only solution to protect the most vulnerable groups of citizens, but also to be calm throughout the tourist season.", Said doc. dr. sc. Krunoslav Capak, prim. dr. med.

Interestingly, the worst situation is in Dalmatian counties. Counties that live directly from tourism.

It would be logical to expect that counties that directly depend on tourism have among the best vaccination in Croatia. If they depend so much on tourism. Again, the County of Istria and the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar are in the lead when it comes to vaccination, and among the coastal counties it is in the first place according to the vaccination of citizens.

How to comment on that?

We are still on the ECDC map in 4 regions, not by counties

Except of course that the current map does not give a clear or accurate picture, it is amazing that we are still divided into 4 regions (NUTS 2) on the ECDC map and not by counties. How insane this is is clearly shown by the fact that the entire Adriatic is in one region.

Although, of course, we all hope that this scenario will not happen, but the question is who would be "guilty" or responsible, if because of someone's hotspot, the whole Adriatic turns red? And all because of the administrative nature, ie because of the poor mapping of Croatia on the main relevant travel page

In the past 24 hours, 96 new cases were recorded, so the number of active cases in Croatia today is a total of 528.

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