VIDEO: Restorers of the Notre Dame Cathedral expect the works to be finished by the end of 2024.

The world-famous building destroyed by fire in 2019 could reopen at the end of 2024.


23. March 2024.

One of France's most popular tourist attractions is slowly coming back to life after a devastating fire in April 2019 that caused the roof and tower to collapse.

The historic Paris cathedral has experienced many ups and downs in five years of renovation - from delays due to the pandemic to the departure of the project manager. But now it is predicted that it will be renovated by the end of 2024. 

Cult landmark built in 1163. during the reign of King Louis VII. and completed in 1345, it was appreciated for its architectural beauty and historical significance.

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Below is the timeline of the renovation:

Travanj 2019. - a devastating fire breaks out, demolishes the roof and the tower and destroys the interior. A monumental effort is being made to renovate the magnificent building, with French President Emmanuel Macron promising to restore it within five years.

June 2020. - The pandemic is delaying the work, but the removal of the charred scaffolding that surrounded the tower in the middle of previous restoration work was a significant step forward.

August 2020. - Great efforts are being made to restore the organ, the largest musical instrument in France. The 8000-pipe organ survived the fire, but was left covered in toxic lead dust. Completion of dismantling, cleaning and reassembly is expected this year.

March 2021. - The first of the expected 1000 oak trees intended to rebuild the tower were selected in the Bercé forest in the Loire region of France.

September 2021. - The work on securing the structure was finally completed after carpenters, scaffolding experts, climbers and others helped to build temporary structures and a special huge 'umbrella' to protect the towers, vaults and walls of the burnt building without a roof. Bidding begins for the continuation of the reconstruction.

Spring 2022. - Master glaziers and locksmiths from all over France begin the arduous process of cleaning and restoring the famous stained glass windows. Help also arrives from abroad - the German cathedral in Cologne is restoring four windows.

July 2023. - Massive oak trellises have been erected, attracting Parisians to witness what is described as a magical moment.

August 2023. - France mourns the sudden death of Jean-Louis Georgelin, a French army general who was appointed to oversee reconstruction. President Macron hails him as the "greatest soldier" dedicated to rebuilding the cathedral "stone by stone".

December 2023. - The golden rooster, reimagined as a phoenix, was returned to the top of the tower, symbolizing the rebirth of Notre Dame. Religious relics are stored in a time capsule inside the rooster.

February 2024. - Scaffolding was removed to reveal the cathedral's new tower decorated with a golden rooster and cross. The public has the opportunity to see the restored cathedral before its grand reopening.

The restorers hope that the cathedral will be able to reopen by the end of 2024. This ambitious project is a testament to human resilience and artistic commitment.

Watch the progress of the works in the video:


Photos: Andreas H. / Pixabay
Source: Associated Press


23. March 2024.