Vrhovac Wine & Walk Weekend - an extension of a great story that resulted in the sale of 1.000 bottles of wine on the doorstep of the winemakers themselves

After the premiere edition of the tourist-enogastronomic event Vivodina Wine & Walk Weekend and great success, all lovers of nature and good wines will be delighted by the announcement of extensions of the event at the new location, practically in ...

After the premiere edition of the tourist - enogastronomic event Vivodina Wine & Walk Weekend and great success, all lovers of nature and good wines will be delighted by the announcement of the extension of the event at the new location, practically in the same area, but a little closer to the town of Ozalj.

Namely, it was announced today Vrhovac Wine & Walk Weekend, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 28 and 29, 2021., in the ideal time before the grape harvest, when the views of the vineyards are the most beautiful.

It is an insufficiently known fact that the vineyards of the wider Ozalj region even hide 10 indigenous grape varieties, in vineyards that are older than 100 years and this is the right opportunity for an authentic experience of the rural area. An easy walk through the fairytale, vineyard area above the Kupa River will take approximately 5 hours, and participants will visit 6 wineries. Definitely a top and quality experience.

At each of the points, participants will be greeted by the host, the owner of the winery, and will be able to taste the best wines and hear the secrets of their cellars first hand. The beginning of the walk starts from the center of Vrhovec, a small picturesque place not far from Ozalj, and the complete route passes right next to the vineyards providing excellent views and vistas.

The starter pack includes a minimum of: two wine consumes per point - 6 points, food consumption per point, personalized glass, T-shirt with the event logo, cup holder, bag with the event logo, sunglasses with the event logo, transparent eco raincoat in case of rain , snacks, a bottle of water, a wine passport, an information card and guides that accompany the group.

Commendably, the organizers also thought about legal entities. Thus, legal entities that register participants (their employees or business partners - will be ideal for team building ) can make payments by bank transfer upon the sent offer and request an R1 invoice. Parking is provided for all visitors, and the entire event will be conducted in compliance with epidemiological measures and recommendations.

The great news is that registration fees are paid, 250.00 kuna per person. If something is free it is not self-sustaining. The registration fee is more than good value for money, in accordance with all of the above, and it is a top experience lasting 5 hours (7 km).

You can secure your place on the website where start packages can be purchased for both of these dates, and registrations and registration fees are possible until August 15 until 23:59 or until all seats are filled.

By the way, for the premiere edition Vivodina Wine & Walk Weekend-a, the registration fees are sold out within an hour from release into circulation. Also, it was recorded increased demand for accommodation facilities in the wider Ozalj area during the event, which is another proof of how the event creates the motive of arrival and most importantly generates an overnight stay.

As the icing on the cake of the whole story and further proof of the importance of the events, Vivodina Wine§Walk Weekend resulted in selling over 1.000 bottles of wine that weekend on the doorstep of the winemakers themselves. That's it, a rounded story.

Praise for the courage to organize the event in the pandemic and proactivity that after the success of the first edition they made an extension of the story and expanded it to Vrhovac. Now they already have two dates of the same event, at two locations, and maybe there will be more.

Quality content always "emerges" and proves to be a complete hit. So do not save in production, invest money in the beginning because investing in events and quality content is always an investment, not a cost.

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