We present the new visual identity of the HrTurizam.hr portal

New Year. New start. A new challenge. New web (coming soon), New projects. New business model - Content subscription, Higher quality content and all great ...

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18. December 2021.

New Year. New start. A new challenge. New web (coming soon), New projects. New business model - Content subscription, Quality content… and the new logo of the HrTurizam.hr portal completes everything perfectly. Behind the new visual identity of the portal is the agency lloyds digital from Labin.

When creating a visual identity, the goal was to achieve simplicity and transparency in communication with content consumers.

"The inspiration for the new logo came from a combination of the concepts of the globe and the universe. Why these motives? It is a portal, whose existence and communication would not be possible without the Internet and the transmitter that is in the atmosphere. With the desire to emphasize the name of the brand hrturizam.hr", He states Marijana Smolić from lloyds digital and adds that as the next step they chose to include the coordinates of Croatia on that same globe. 

The typography in the logo is sans serif. In the final selection of typography, the edges are rounded to achieve harmony and organic form, as in the logo sign itself. 

“I just identified with the new logo at first sight or as they say love at first sight. Globally, synergy, together and pushing forward are some of the associations that communicate a new visual identity. Suffice it to say about lloyds digital agency that Labin makes top digital products for global clients and that they are one of the best Croatian development companies. Just look at their portfolio and work to date, rating on the leading global B2B review service, Clutch.co, and everything is clear to everyone. We can be proud to have one such agency in Croatia, which is a global competitor. Use their knowledge, they are there, in your yard. ” points out Goran Rihelj, owner and editor-in-chief of the HrTurizam.hr portal.

The main and most common color of the logo is dark blue. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky and is often associated with depth, expertise and stability. It symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, trust and intelligence. It is considered useful for the body and mind, it is strongly associated with peace and creates a calming effect that is closely related to reading, because then we calm down and relax.

"The rotation of Croatia to the right draws the background from the Croatian alphabet from left to right, and at the same time shows forward movement, progress and fluidity. Since this is a portal with many professional articles, it was logical that the logo visually leads to the continuation of the story. We combine a circle and a triangle with simplified geometric shapes. The coupler alludes to an arrow with endless movement and action, and the cut part leaves room for new knowledge and insights, and adapts to the tourism market, which is very changeable. It can also be identified with signposts and trips that are closely related to one segment of tourism", Points out Smolić.

Find out more about the lloyds digital agency HERE

1728 professional and quality articles per year. That is the value we deliver.

In order for niche media to be self-sustaining, the same trend of locking continued during the pandemic and will continue in the future, both on the global and domestic media scene. So we on the portal HrTurizam.hr decided to change the business model and will from 01.01.2022. year, all content will be available only to content subscribers. 

Being at the source of information means always being at an advantage, and quality information and knowledge has always been an investment, not a cost.

I sincerely hope that you will invest in the subscription to the HrTurizam.hr portal and stay up to date with everyone relevant tourist information from Croatia and the world. We'll go for it subscription value continue to deliver quality tourist information, stories and loud reflections through the minimum 1728 articles per year.

We sincerely hope that the HrTurizam.hr portal has justified your trust all these six years and that it will continue to have it, especially in the new 2022 year, when the recovery of the tourism sector is just beginning. 

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Author  HrTurizam.hr

18. December 2021.