We create noise in communication unnecessarily. It is the simplest and clearest communication that is crucial

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Split-Dalmatia County presented the Cro Care web platform through which tourists will be able to find out in just a few clicks where and how to get to the coronavirus testing centers, report ...

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Split-Dalmatia County presented a web platform Cro Care through which tourists will be able to find out in just a few clicks where and how to get to coronavirus testing centers, report their health, but also contact their embassy and all the emergency services they need. 

Commendable, but we additionally create noise in communication

When we talk about the epidemiological situation and key information (test sites, emergency services, how to enter Croatia, etc.…) it is extremely important that communication is as simple as possible and that all information is centralized.

But we currently have multiple communication platforms which is bad because it creates noise in communication. Especially foreign tourists.

On the one hand there are Safe Stay in Croatia, Croatia.hr, Kornavirus.hr, HUT is promoted by Croatiacovid19.info and now we have Cro Care, but which is only for Split-Dalmatia County. There is also a main relevant page at EU level - Re-Open.eu. Where we are still divided across four regions, not by counties.

We have already entered the summer season well. During the penultimate weekend in June, also an extended weekend, from Friday, June 18 to Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 330.000 arrivals and 1,6 million overnight stays were realized. We can and must be satisfied with these figures, but we can certainly say that it is a great omission that Croatia is not viewed by counties on the Re-open.eu page because it does not give a clear and relevant picture.

Figure 1: Information from 21.06.

We create confusion with key information. All information must be on one central place. Just imagine a scenario where each county has its own app and website. Total chaos. And that’s why I personally don’t think it’s good to release the Cro Care app which is only for one county. It then had to be made for the whole of Croatia, and be part of the Safe Stay in Croatia site and be presented much earlier.

This is a failure of everyone in the tourist chain, primarily the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which in cooperation with the Civil Protection Headquarters coordinates the entire communication. Or at least you should.

Key questions remain open: The already mentioned platform Re-open.eu - the main reference page on the epidemiological situation in EU countries and the rules of entry, the different prices of testing in the Adriatic and the questionable capacity of the teams receiving samples. We have experience from last year, what the situation on the field looks like, I hope that this year the infrastructure will last and that the teams have been strengthened.

Also, we should praise the Safe Stay in Croatia label, which is well accepted in foreign markets, the Enter Croatia page, the vaccination rate of tourist workers, which is about 70%, and the establishment of testing points.

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