Why is it worth hiring an HR partner for employment in tourism?

Employment mediation is a widespread form of employment in the world, and companies that recruit labor can p ...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

14. December 2021.

Employment mediation is a widespread form of employment in the world, and labor recruitment companies can provide great help to entrepreneurs, hotels, caterers, who are having difficulty finding a suitable workforce, or who need a skilled workforce. larger and do not have enough capacity to recruit them.

Viapan Group is a European multinational HR company, present in 5 European countries, with 35 years of experience in recruiting students, factory workers, skilled workers and managers. The company has been operating on the Croatian market for the last 4 years, under the name Viapan Adria, with a strong orientation towards tourism, where in addition to the domestic workforce, it can also provide workers from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The process of securing the workforce works as follows:

- the employer partner primarily defines its needs, for example, that it needs 35 workers in a hotel, waiters, cooks and maids, and based on such a defined order, the Agency starts recruiting simultaneously in all three countries, Croatia, Serbia and BiH.

- Viapan Group has a database of thousands of candidates, and we contact all of them, while at the same time recruiting through digital platforms. We contact each candidate in person, and each of them will receive detailed information about the job, conditions, expectations. 

- The employer can also count on assistance in collecting the necessary documents for obtaining a work permit in the case of employment of foreign nationals.

In this way partners Viapana they can concentrate on their activity, on season preparation, while the burden of recruiting is taken over by the agency, and the partner gets selected candidates, based on their needs, which they then interview independently and finally hire selected candidates.

"If you think that a partner like Viapan would be of help to you, be sure to get in touch with us, and we will solve your problems with providing professional staff and approach regarding the provision of staff for the upcoming tourist season.", points out Andrej Crnčec, sales manager of Viapan Adria.

More information on help with employment in tourism can be found on the website www.viapan.hr or by calling +385 31 658 326.

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Author  HrTurizam Promo

14. December 2021.