Will Dubrovnik finally get a seaport?

Will Dubrovnik finally get a seaport?

European Coastal Airlines will land in Dubrovnik for the first time on Wednesday, although it will not be a commercial flight but a presentation flight for the Dubrovnik Port Authority, the Mayor of Dubrovnik, the President of the City Council, the Director of LU Dubrovnik and the Port Captain of Dubrovnik.

After many years of trying, we sincerely hope that seaplanes will dock at sea in Dubrovnik, as currently ECA seaplanes land only at Dubrovnik Airport. Better connectivity and the very experience of landing on the pier in the sea will certainly raise the tourist product of our tourist pearl. On Wednesday, Mr. D´Alfonso, President of the Italian region of Abbruzzo, with whom European Coastal Airlines is in positive negotiations with the region of Abbruzzo regarding the establishment of a seaplane port in Pescara, will fly from Pescara by sea via Split to Dubrovnik (Gruž). ” It seems that in Italy, seaports will be realized in just half a year, while in Dubrovnik there is no solution yet. ”Point out from the ECA.

Namely, the company ECA has been communicating for years and trying to expand and connect more and more islands and cities, including Dubrovnik, but after five years of the first request and sending various inquiries, there is still no proposed solution for the location of the seaport in the port of Gruž, nor from the State Port Authority of Dubrovnik, nor from the County Port Authority of Dubrovnik, nor from the city or county.

Maybe tomorrow's demonstration flight is still a step forward and a positive signal that the city of Dubrovnik, for which one of the main problems is traffic disconnection, will still be better connected with the rest of Croatia. The demonstration flight of the seaplane will be held at the location of the Rowing Club "Neptune" (next to JK "Orsan"), Ivan Zajc 2 in Gruž, on Wednesday May 11, 2016 beginning at 13 p.m. 

About ECA

European Coastal Airlines (ECA) was founded in 2000 and since then has been working intensively to connect cities and islands along the Adriatic coast by seaplane. Shortened travel time, a high standard of service and a flight to destinations not yet visited by air are some of the advantages it provides with its service. The vision is to make life easier for the inhabitants of the Croatian islands and to revolutionize the Croatian transport system by ensuring safe, reliable and affordable seaplane transport. ECA started with commercial flights on August 27.08.2014, XNUMX. on the line Resnik <> Jelsa.

It currently connects 7 airports at sea: Resnik, Split, Jelsa, Vela Luka, Lastovo, Rab and Pula and the airports of Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Mali Lošinj, Ancona and Pescara. In 2016, we plan to add a number of new locations to the network.

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