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With the help of augmented reality games, children get to know the fauna of Lonjsko polje

The educational game "Explore the fauna of Lonjsko polje" with the help of tablets and reading signs in Krapje "revives" twenty virtual animals, representatives of indigenous animal species of Lonjsko polje. A game that connects green ...

Educational game "Explore the fauna of Lonjsko polje" with the help of tablets and reading signs in Krapje, he “revives” twenty virtual animals, representatives of the autochthonous animal species of Lonjsko polje. The game, which combines green and digital, was designed by startup Grow, backed by a young married couple from Kutina.

This one an exciting augmented reality educational game allows children and young people to get to know indigenous animal species in an interesting way Lonjsko polje Nature Park and raise awareness of the importance of their protection.

He designed and created an innovative game startup Grow from Novska, and at its presentation at the Krapje Visitor Center of the Lonjsko polje Nature Park, it was among the first to be played by 4th grade students of the Catholic Primary School in Novska. With the game, they "revived" about twenty virtual animals and tested their knowledge about them through an interesting quiz, announced the Pafrk Nature Park Lonjsko polje.

This great project connects the virtual world interesting to children today, and through augmented reality children learn and get to know the nature around them and the real world, which is unfortunately unknown to children today than the virtual one.

Photo: PP Lonjsko polje

"The educational game is intended for children and young people who visit the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. His autochthonous animal world they explore with the help of tablets on which the game is, and reading signs, the so-called "Trigger". The tablets can be borrowed at the Krapje Visitor Center, where reading signs have been placed, and our goal is to create a unique digital content for each visitor center in the Nature Park, which would enrich visitors' visit to Lonjsko polje. We are proud to have realized the game in cooperation with a startup that has developed in an incubator for the gaming industry in Novska. ", pointed out Marija Kušmiš, director of the Lonjsko polje Nature Park Public Institution.

Josipa and Kristijan Bencek, game creators and developers Growa, attended training on computer game programming in the Business Incubator of Sisak-Moslavina County and with the support of employment measures provided by the Croatian Employment Service, the County and the City of Novska, launched their startup, which gives this story additional importance and shows the right direction. for local self-government units.

lonjsko polje
Photo: PP Lonjsko Polje

"Our idea is to combine green and digital! We want to bring children back to parks with the help of gamification - city, national, nature parks… This is our third such project and we are happy to see the end result, that is, how the game affects children and young people ", Kristijan Bencek concludes and adds that they tested the game on the youngest members of the family. They were their strictest, but also their most sincere critics.

Visitors to the Lonjsko polje Nature Park can play the game this weekend. The Krapje Visitor Center is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.

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