With the #first time, Zaba is helping small entrepreneurs in tourism

Unique project for affirmation of domestic tourism presented: Zaba with the project #first time helps small entrepreneurs in tourism Zagrebačka banka launches the project #first time with which it wants to give support to micro and small entrepreneurs in ...

Unique project for the affirmation of domestic tourism presented: Zaba with the project #first time helps small entrepreneurs in tourism

Zagrebačka banka launches project #first time which aims to support micro and small entrepreneurs in tourism and create the largest online platform for the promotion of undiscovered beauties and unique experiences of Croatia.

The #first time project with small original products with an original tourist product provides strong professional and financial assistance for promotion, and on the other hand, for all who want to discover the beauties of domestic destinations, provides a unique place with all information about the undiscovered tourist offer of Croatia.

The time of the pandemic, when it is difficult to travel outside the country, is ideal for joint discovery of the charms of Croatia, which helps the sustainability of domestic tourism and small businesses that are most affected by the corona crisis.

Anyone who thinks that their idea, location, project or product enriches the tourist offer of Croatia, by applying to the competition within the project #prviput have the opportunity to win a free and comprehensive marketing campaign that will ensure their visibility to the general public and present their entrepreneurial stories.

Owners of accommodation, hotels, eco-villages, family farms, tourist guides, diving instructors and many other business entities with an original tourist offer can apply for the competition. Thus, in the first wave of the big national campaign, places for autumn and winter tourism will be promoted, and the campaign will continue next year, in order to give additional impetus to tourism on the eve of the new season.

The project will be followed by an online website prviput.hr as a kind of platform where citizens can be informed in one place about unique destinations and experiences throughout Croatia, throughout the year. With this platform, Zagrebačka banka supports the development of domestic tourism throughout the year.

"We are in a very challenging year for the whole economy, and especially for small entrepreneurs in tourism. At Zaba, we recognized that entrepreneurs today, more than ever, need not only financial, but comprehensive support, primarily in promotion and digitalization, in order to better define their business plans and position themselves in the market. That's why we launched the #first time project. Since the beginning of the year, we have launched many significant socially responsible projects. #first time is another contribution to the community in which we live and do business and where we want to be part of the solution ", said Romeo Collina, President of the Management Board of Zagrebačka banka.

Romeo Collina, President of the Management Board of Zagrebačka banka / Photo: Zaba

The #first time project will be implemented in partnership with the Croatian National Tourist Board, from which they emphasized the importance of such projects for Croatian tourism, especially during the off-season.

"It is with pleasure that the Croatian National Tourist Board has accepted the partnership in this stimulating project and I thank the leadership of Zaba for putting small entrepreneurs in tourism who operate in insufficiently discovered parts of Croatia. Our country abounds in hard-working and creative tourism workers and beautiful tourist destinations, and I am sure that the jury will not be easy to choose the best. I hereby invite all those interested to submit their hidden tourist pearls to the competition and show why their place or their tourist offer deserves to be recognized throughout our country, but also beyond. ", said Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Zagrebačka banka invites everyone to apply for the tender via the web by September 30: www.prviput.hr.

An expert jury will select the 15 best entries, two of which will win a major marketing campaign that includes a TV spot, while the rest will be promoted on digital channels. The members of the expert jury are Iva Barbarić (Zagrebačka banka), Kristina Mamić (HTZ), Ivana Crnić (Ministry of Tourism and Sports), Iva Kaligarić (Señor), Goran Jović (photographer), Sanja Čižmar (505 Conference), Iva Mihalić Krčmar ), Hrvoje Bujas (Voice of Entrepreneurs) and David Skoko (chef).

The presentation of the #first time project was held outdoors, on the Zaluka Heritage Estate in Zagreb, under strict epidemiological measures and with an acoustic performance by musicians Nika Turković and Matija Cvek.

Find out more about the project at www.prviput.hr.

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