Zadar Travel should be an application that offers much more than just accommodation

Zadar Tourist Board has improved its platform for private accommodation Zadar Travel, and the goal is to make the most of the platform and help private Zadar landlords. The second tourist season in a row in global ...

Zadar Tourist Board has improved its platform for private accommodation Zadar Travel, and the goal is to make the most of the platform and help private Zadar landlords.

The second tourist season in global pandemic circumstances has caused a reduced number of guests who use flights of low-budget companies to arrive at the destination, and on the other hand it has conditioned the trend of last minute accommodation reservations.

In order to increase the visibility and competitiveness of private Zadar landlords, in cooperation with the Professional Group of Family Accommodation at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Zadar Tourist Board has decided to make the most of its online platform Zadar Travel.

Zadar Travel is a mobile application with which you can easily find currently available private accommodation in Zadar and its surroundings. The application includes: Zadar, Petrčane, Kožino, as well as some islands of the Zadar archipelago and places: Ist, Veli Iž, Mali Iž, Molat, Olib, Brgulje, Premuda, Zapuntel and Rava.

"The crisis with tourist arrivals always occurs due to general insecurity, and in all types of travel, and is especially reflected in private renters who are oriented to guests who use flights by low-cost airlines. As their market position has significantly deteriorated, we decided to make the most of our existing award-winning platform this season. In technical terms, we have updated and improved it and added the Safe Stay in Croatia label for all those facilities that received it. " says the director of the Zadar Tourist Board Mario Paleka.

Photo: Zadar Tourist Board

It is commendable that there are prominent landlords who have a Safe stay label. “Now more than 500 renters offer their accommodation in our Zadar Travel system, half of which are registered in the existing Safe Stay project of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and as such are prominent in the offer”Adds Paleka.

Zadar Travel should be an application that offers much more than just accommodation

The system is completely free for renters and guests, and their mutual communication is done directly from the application by phone call or e-mail without intermediaries and hidden costs. 

All private accommodation facilities are presented on the map of Zadar and its surroundings, and by clicking on the individual accommodation label, detailed information about the facility, photo gallery, number of currently available beds, and contact information are opened: website, e-mail, telephone. Guests contact the landlord by phone call directly from the app or by email. And here is the biggest problem of the application itself - no direct booking.

Apart from the fact that there is one step more and users have to "get out" of the platform, it is insane that there is no last step. Today, there are simple solutions on the market, as well as a solution to the challenge of how to bridge the fact that the tourist board cannot do commercial activity.

Also, the same application should be a platform for branding family accommodation in Zadar and the surrounding area, through labeling and other targeted TZ support. Rather, as well as a tool to raise quality and prevent the black market. In addition to the list of accommodation, the application also includes a map and a list of events. It was definitely necessary to use the application as a "one stop" digital place with the whole tourist story of Zadar. Because the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a destination.

Especially because the Zadar Tourist Board also has an application Secret Zadar. It is not necessary to have two or more applications, because it creates additional noise in communication, and today users have too many applications on their digital devices. Zadar Travel must be the central place of the tourist story of Zadar, with a focus on storytelling and content, and only at the end as a platform for accommodation.

The value of the project is about 400 thousand kuna

In mid-June, the Zadar Tourist Board began an intensive campaign in four key markets this season - Croatian, Czech, Hungarian and Polish.

In combination with the CNTB's national campaign, the promotion of Zadar in the above emitting markets is carried out through PR articles in influential media and intensive advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google, while in the city the application is promoted on printed posters and city light ads. The value of the project is around 400 thousand kuna, and according to current projections it will last until the end of July, with the possibility of extension during August.

As of June 15, the site has been visited by 75.000 visitors on 120.000 occasions.

The pages were displayed over 300 times, giving an average of 3 pages per visit, while the app on Android and iOS was downloaded over 20.000 times in total. Most of those interested in accommodation and visiting Zadar from abroad come from Budapest (11 thousand visits), Prague (8 thousand visits), Warsaw (7 thousand visits), Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan, Brno and Gdansk. The Croatian version of the site was visited by 18 visitors on 32 occasions, mostly from Zagreb. Unfortunately, we do not have figures on how many direct reservations were made through the application, but the statistics of views and downloads are proof that the application already has its own market, and thus room for growth.

According to the Zadar Tourist Board, in the mentioned period, users clicked on the descriptive links of facilities advertised on the Zadar Travel system over 7 times, of which there are currently just over 500. Potential guests contacted renters 300 times from the application via e-mail address. while cell phone contact with renters directly from the system was made over 200 times in less than a month.

"Users came to the system during the campaign mainly via mobile devices (over 80% of visits). The visits of women from all ages dominate, from which we read that the better half is much more active in finding and realizing accommodation for vacations. Unfortunately, but somewhat expectedly, with the drop in the frequency of flights at Zadar Airport, the interest in visiting the youngest age group included in the analyst from 18 to 24 years of age has also decreased.”Conclude from the Zadar Tourist Board.

In the end, it is commendable that the application is also promoted in Zadar, in order to achieve the highest possible visibility of the same, especially when tourists are in our destination. There is a lack of content and storytelling because to repeat "once again" - the motive for coming is not accommodation, but destination. In any case, there is certainly a lot of room for growth or extension of the platform, because this is a matter of long-term real effect.

However, the Zadar Tourist Board should be commended for its proactivity, because currently they are the only ones to have such a platform, which works on the market, as the official figures show. Of course, it will never, nor should it be intended, to be a competition to global booking platforms. This should make it more imperative to expand and round out the whole story. But the platform and form is there, and now the content is missing.

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