Is ZL Rijeka bringing back the old prices?

ZL Rijeka is ready to restore the prices of parking for commercial purposes to the old ones, but it sets conditions.


6. May 2024.

Rijeka Airport is ready to return the prices of parking for commercial purposes to the old ones if two conditions are met.

First will look for evidence that all those who rebelled against the new price lists do not charge additional transfers for air guests at pepper prices, which ultimately costs passengers more than the plane ticket and discourages them from coming to Kvarner by plane in the first place, writes Jutarnji list.

Second condition is that the Tourist Board of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County finally begins to financially encourage air transport and the introduction of new airlines to the destination, and that the Airport as well as other public carriers be included in the work of the Tourist Board, from which they are excluded even though they represent an important link in the realization of tourist overnight stays. 

Jutarnji list has unofficially learned that this will be the cooperation offer that will be presented to the tourism sector these days Tomislav Palalić, the director of ZL Rijeka, who these days caused quite a storm in the sector with the new price list for the use of the parking lot.

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Subscription for rent-a-car the price of vehicles for users of business premises at the airport increased from 20 euros per parking space per month, for five vehicles, to 35 euros, and for others from 70 euros to 120 euros per space, for five vehicles, the Chamber of Crafts of Primorsko-Goranska revealed county at last week's press conference. 

As we know, the media were addressed by the Chamber of Crafts of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) and the Tourist Board of Kvarner, asking cancellation of the new price list, with the clarification that it is doing direct damage to the tourism of Kvarner, as well as to their business.

They asked for the return of last year's prices, since they themselves formed the prices of the passenger transportation service for this year based on last year's price list, which was previously in force, only to have parking prices increase significantly at the beginning of April without announcement or explanation. 

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Now, as Jutarnji list reports, Tomislav Palalić, the director of ZL Rijeka gives his side of the story. 

"It was a show that the Katarina Line agency put on unnecessarily, exposing their guests to danger because they were walking on the road, even though the bus was able to enter through the ramp in an orderly manner, as before. When it comes to that particular company, I would ask Katarina Line why they didn't settle the parking bill for the entire last year, at a lower price, even though our collection service called them several times to remind them of this obligation?

We asked the same company, as well as the others, to provide us with evidence that they do not charge their guests heavily for transfers, which are supposedly included in the package prices. We received an answer from only one agency that the transfer of each guest costs an additional 2 euros per kilometer, which, when added up, turns out to be significantly more than the plane ticket.", said the director of ZL Rijeka.

The ultimate goal is to finally achieve that the regional Tourist Board PGŽ, i.e. the members who sit in the Tourist Council, unlike the representatives of public transport, finally realize that destinations such as Kvarner need their financial support to encourage flights, he added.

"We do not have sufficient guest demand to realize sustainable traffic without co-financing flights, and in such destinations it is common for airlines to be paid to promote the destination. Instead, everything was left to ZL Rijeka alone, which is why we lost as many as three low-cost airlines in three years, which are no longer worth flying to Krk, because they do not have enough demand, namely Volotea, Air Baltik and LOT.

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The airport, for its part, gave them maximum discounts to maintain traffic, but we cannot do it alone, if the tourism sector needs flights, it must be co-financed. Instead, we have a situation where, at a meeting with an airline from TZ, they clearly state that Kvarner is a car destination and that it is completely acceptable for them to cancel the flight if they do not receive support", points out Palalić.

Not only do they not want to support air transport, but the big companies that protest the most are trying to avoid paying for the use of parking for commercial purposes in every way, he claims.

"We had those carnets, which means that one card from the carnet is canceled for one entry to the parking lot, and we have situations where people smuggle and use the same card more than once. For years, we have been trying to bring order to the charging of that parking lot, which is not, as many think, public land, but is owned by ZL Rijeka", warns for Jutarnji list.

There are currently a dozen carriers flying to ZL Rijeka, plus several charters, including Croatia Airlines, Ryanair, which left and then returned, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Eurowings. This year, the traffic is expected to be similar to last year, maybe slightly higher.

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6. May 2024.