ADAC: Croatia has the highest growth in demand compared to other destinations

Yesterday in Munich, the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac met with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Bavaria and the Minister of State for Economy, Regional Development and Energy Hubert Aiwanger and with the Deputy ...

Yesterday in Munich, the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria and State Minister for the Economy, Regional Development and Energy Hubert Aiwanger and the Deputy President of the ADAC (Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil Club) in charge of Tourism and Finance Karlheinz Jungbeck.

Minister Brnjac talked with Vice President and Minister of State Aiwanger about deepening cooperation between Bavaria and Croatia in the field of tourism. "We will continue to exchange experiences and best practices regarding the digitalization of tourism and the development of cultural and rural tourism products. Croatia and Bavaria place emphasis on the development of sustainable tourism, and mutual cooperation in many areas of common interest has lasted for fifty years within the Bavarian - Croatian Commission. Tourists from Bavaria make up half of the total guests from Germany, so it is extremely important for us to pass on information about all the activities we undertake in order for Croatia to be recognized as a pleasant and safe destination." she pointed out Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac during the meeting.

Vice President Aiwanger emphasized that he sees a lot of room for cooperation between Croatia and Bavaria in the field of tourism, but also stressed that Bavaria supports Croatia's entry into Schengen in 2022 as an important precondition for easier tourist movements. 

Croatia is the first country with which ADAC, as the largest car club with 22 million members, has expressed a desire for institutional cooperation.

At a meeting with ADAC Deputy President in charge of Tourism and Finance Karlheinz Jungbeck, Minister Brnjac discussed preparations for the summer season, demand for Croatia and expectations and plans for future development.

"Germany is our largest tourist market, accounting for almost a quarter of total tourist traffic. This year, the demand has been further strengthened and Croatia is among the most sought after destinations due to its proximity and security that it offers to tourists. Cooperation with ADAC, which has 22 million members, opens the possibility for greater visibility in the German market. At today's meeting, frameworks for future institutional cooperation were set. ", pointed out the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac. According to the ADAC, the demand for Croatia has increased significantly, and is the largest in the camping segment, where Croatia has the highest growth in demand compared to other destinations.

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Considering all previous activities that Croatia has carried out in the segment of safety and health care, ADAC recognizes Croatia as the number one COVID-19 safe destination. 

ADAC is one of the largest professional clubs in Germany and is the largest German and second largest car club in the world. The association has 22 million members and is composed of 18 regional clubs throughout Germany that have a large number of branches, or agencies in city centers that also act as travel agencies.

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This year, ADAC has included 134 Croatian camps in its list of the best European camps, the same as in 2019, and 13 camps have been awarded the special Superplatz 2021 label. in addition to searching for routes to holiday destinations. This year's analysis, in the midst of the crown of the crisis, found that the largest growth in demand was experienced by Germany and Croatia. 

At the moment, about 42.000 Germans live in Croatia

According to data from the eVisitor system, Croatia has been visited by more than 230.000 German tourists since the beginning of the year, who made 1,3 million overnight stays, or as much as 150 percent more arrivals and 228 percent more overnight stays than in the same period last year.

At the moment, there are about 42.000 Germans in Croatia, and the most visited destinations are Rovinj, Porec and Vrsar. Over the past year, guests from Germany made 1,6 million arrivals and 12,7 million overnight stays, which is also 60 percent of the overnight stays made in 2019, when a record 21,2 million overnight stays were made from the German market. Also, last year, those 12,7 million overnight stays accounted for 23 percent of the total overnight stays in Croatia.

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Find out more information about our main emitting market in the SEASON2021 podcast, from the director of the CNTB office in Germany, Romea Draghicchia.

When asked how they view the introduction of the EU Covid-19 certificate or the so-called covid passport in Germany, Romeo Draghicchio, the director of the CNTB office in Germany points out that no one questions them anymore.
"In Germany there used to be a debate that spanned a wide social spectrum in terms of whether vaccinated people or those who will have a covid passport is ethical to have greater rights, however that story has blown away, so now it is no longer in question. More and more people are trying to get vaccinated. The first dose of the vaccine vaccinated over 30% of the population in Germany, and more than a million people are vaccinated daily, while the second dose has already vaccinated over 10% of the population. This will not be a deciding factor for the start of the season, but it will certainly be during the summer season, and especially in the low season.", He points out Draghicchio. Listen more to the attachment.

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