Something good comes out of every crisis. We are sincerely looking forward to the guests again

Something good comes out of every crisis. As measures are relaxed and borders are opened, so is hope, and finally we have a little bit of positive in our tourism. After...

Something good comes out of every crisis.

As measures are relaxed and borders are opened, so is hope and finally we have a little bit of positive in our tourism. After the rain, the sun always comes 🙂

The first guests arrived on the Adriatic! First from Slovenia, and now from the Czech Republic.

Thus, last night's Czech Television daily published an article about the first Czech tourists who arrived in Croatia after the opening of the borders, more precisely on the Makarska Riviera. In addition to live coverage from Croatia, Czech tourists invited their fellow citizens to come to Croatia.

And this news is spreading on social media as if we have found a cure for the coronavirus. And that’s great news, because we’re sincerely looking forward to the guests again.

We are looking forward to the guests again, we eagerly welcome them, finally the guests feel welcome again. They are no longer just a number, they have a name and a surname. We finally greet them with a sincere smile on our faces and open arms.

The fact is that in the past, for many years, we only counted them as if on a tape and were guided only by numbers. We looked at quantity, not quality. We watched in the short term, year after year, not the long term.

And in that we lost ourselves, the charm of tourism was lost, that homely feeling was lost. Perhaps the well-known negative motto of our tourism describes the whole situation so far: "Just send us money, you don't even have to come."

We were nervous because guests are looking for and expecting a lot for their money (except sun and sea), they have become demanding, spend a little, complain about prices, fallen climate, etc .. - we just didn’t care about quality performance or whether we met their expectations, or even exceeded. Matra was the same as with most employers in tourism: "If you do not work for that salary and conditions, there are tens of thousands of people on the stock market who will work for you." While the demand for seasonal work was high, primarily from Slavonia, that mantra passed, but when the borders opened and people said a lot, then the situation changed dramatically.

So in tourism. There was a great demand, from year to year we had a record tourist season, and a secure income lulled us to death. We did not even try to deal with the development of tourism, but it really happened to us from year to year. We didn't even take care of the basic infrastructure and from year to year we have problems with lack of parking, spillage in heavy rain or dropping it into the sea where we swim in addition to our guests (resources from which we live), overloaded electricity supply system, etc. … Although we knew that such tourism is not sustainable, we did not pay too much attention, because living on rent and following the line of least resistance is always easier than dealing with challenges. Of course, honor with positive examples, but which are not the rule, but the exception.

Tourism alone is not enough if it has no added value, is not sustainable and if we do not deal with it through strategic development. This year we felt it in the worst possible way.

Mutual respect and the formula 1 + 1 = 3

Although I am not an a priori supporter of the fact that the buyer is always right, I personally believe that there must be mutual respect in tourism. The guest, just like when we travel and swap roles, must respect our way and culture of living, but in order to achieve that, we must first respect ourselves. Our history, identity, culture and way of life, our space. Respect yourself, so that others will respect us. Let’s respect our food that is harvested or produced locally. Let's tell them a story: Do you see that old house up the hill? That's where Barba Ivo lives, who picked this tomato you eat now in the morning. You are proud to say that this fish was grilled by a local fisherman early this morning. Let us first be proud of our culture and way of life.

Let's respect the guest, but let's also respect ourselves, so that others can respect us as well. That all this requires a little more effort and time. But this is the kind of tourism we have to build.

Because only then can we have such important added value. And thus a higher price, as well as sustainability. Then 1 + 1 is not 2, but 3 or 11 as the cult Zagreb hip hop duo Tram 11 sang a long time ago.

We are looking forward to the guests again

I am sure that this year, everyone in tourism will be happy to welcome guests, listen carefully to any special or different orders outside the standard and will make sure that the guest is satisfied and that we met his expectations .. Now everything is possible, just come.

I hope that this habit of the “new normal” will remain, and that we will not go back to the old when the whole coronavirus situation stabilizes. The way it used to be and the way it always should be in tourism.

PS Watch the Czech TV video HERE

Cover photo: Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

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