Strudle Week has become a true enogastronomic tourism project of Karlovac County

Author  Goran Rihelj

19. August 2022.

40 catering facilities that will offer as many as 100 types of strudel throughout Karlovac County will be part of a great destination tourist story - Karlovac County Strudle Week, which is held this year od August 29 to September 11 2022. years.

This is a great result, taking into account that in 2019, a record 26 people participated, which means that this year Strudle Week will have the largest territorial coverage. Excellent connection of the entire tourist destination with the destination event. That's it - it's a real tourist story, because the entire destination is involved and lives for strudel. 

That's how Strudle Week becomes a real enogastronomic tourism project in Karlovac County. It is the event that enriched the tourist offer of Karlovac County, which is becoming more and more attractive to domestic and foreign tourists. As of yesterday, the Karlovac County achieved as many as 399.740 overnight stays, and 201.639 tourists visited it.

"We want to offer those tourists, who come here to spend the night and stay, reasons why they should stay longer. This is also the intention of sustainable tourism, and we in Karlovac County, considering the tourist numbers, prove that continental tourism can also be popular. it becomes the strongest economic branch in our county", the prefect of Karlovac County pointed out, Martina Furdek Hajdin, thanking everyone involved in the organization of the event, praising their professionalism and enthusiasm.


"This is a great opportunity to show the guests who pass through our area what the flavors of tradition, the flavors of the local, are. We are proud that in this area of ​​ours in Slunj, in this period, we reached almost the entire figures from 2019, and we are all focused on keeping our guests and a few days more, and this manifestation is really a full hit in that direction", she said Mirjana Puškarić, the mayor of the city of Slunj, whose facilities are included in the event for the first time.

Karlovac County's strudel week is actually a prelude to it Strudel fest which will be held from September 2 to 4, in the strudel village of Jaškovo, and the director of the Štrudla Fest Lidija Žganjer Gržetić is also the initiator of Štrudla Week: "I believe that the next two weeks will be an interesting combination of gastronomy and enjoying the beautiful beauties of Karlovac County."

The Regional Tourist Board of the Karlovac County operationally coordinates the Strudle Week and allocated HRK 15 for the event from its own funds.

"We are particularly pleased with the great interest of hoteliers, OPGs, restaurateurs, as well as the tourist attractions of the Barać Cave and the Museums of the City of Karlovac, which have joined this event. 12 LGUs are involved, and that is what we strive for, to further enhance tourist offer of Karlovac County", pointed out the director of RTZ of Karlovac County Željko Fanjak.

From Štrudlafest to Štrudlafest

What is interesting and certainly an excellent example for the development of the tourist product is the story of how Štrudlafest, from the idea and the manifestation, is a destination product, which is not linked only once to the date of the manifestation, but the story of "Karlovačka štrdula" is present throughout the year through various extensions. 

During the Karlovac County Strudle Week, more than 100 types of strudel will be offered by over 40 restaurants, OPGs and hotels, as well as special tourist experiences that are available throughout the year. Strudle bike route which has three rounds, Strudel by horse where guests can enjoy horseback riding through nature and enjoy delicious homemade strudels, Strudel by boat where guests can sail on the river Dobra, there is also an art workshop Brush and strudel, and paint your own, unique strudel plates with ceramic masters My strudel plate, and guests can even buy i Strudlafest picnic basket and in nature in the fresh air they can enjoy delicious strudels.

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Excellent extensions of the whole story about strudel as a destination tourist product that "lives" throughout the year. This is how tourism develops. The main manifestation is only the crown of the whole story or as a "grand finale" and in Karlovac County they managed to round off the whole story into a clearly defined year-round tourist product. A very rare positive example in Croatia.

Štrdula is "alive", it doesn't "live" just for one weekend. 

Over 100 types of strudel of different flavors will be presented at the Strudle Week, and among them will be homemade apple strudel and homemade cheese strudel offered by Hotel Mirjana Rastoke.

By the way, you can find all the information about the facilities included in the Strudle Week, as well as their offer, on the ŠtrudlaFest website at the address:

Author  Goran Rihelj

19. August 2022.