New Bikademy Study: A step forward in the development of cycle tourism in Križevci and its surroundings

Fun and education on a bike - exploring the sights of Križevci and its surroundings with Bikademy.


22. September 2023.

The newly opened study in Križevci guides students through the extraordinary nature of the Kalnica Prigorje and the cultural heritage of this interesting region. In addition to the town itself, the Križevci Study Center contains five more examinations: Old Obreške Klije, Lake Čabraji and Kapela Ravenska, Old Town Kalnik and Gornja Rijeka.

It's Bikademy innovative cycle tourism concept which, just like a formal academy, has students, studies and exams. In the free Bikademy application, you need to choose a study - region or city, and cycle to the exam - location within the study. Exams are not only famous cultural and natural landmarks, but also hidden gems that are worth the effort to discover.

In order to pass the course and win the award, you need to check-in in the application at the set exams within the chosen course. Exams can be cycled over several days and in the order desired by the student. Bikademy is available throughout Croatia - in five Slavonic counties, as well as in Istria, Zagreb, Šibenik, Rab and on the island of Pag.

Gates to the Adventures

Krešimir Herceg, the owner of Bikademy, points out that their mission is to motivate people to explore cultural and natural heritage by bicycle, and at the same time to promote destinations desirable for cycle tourists. He believes that Kalničko prigorje is an ideal destination for cycling, especially in early autumn and spring.

"More and more cyclists and cycle tourists are visiting our region, and interactive initiatives like Bikademy allow us to further position ourselves among athletes and recreational people who like to travel. We are strategically oriented towards the development of active tourism, which is also helped by cooperation with Bikademy.", quotes Olinka Gjigaš, director of the Tourist Board of the town of Križevac.

Many people know the people of Križevci as the 'gates of Prigorje', so the campaign was aptly named 'Gates to the Adventures', and the opening of the Studio was made possible by the Tourist Board of the town of Križevci, HTZ and the Koprivnica-Križevci County, along with partners Bikademy, Enna Grupa and Giant Hrvatska.

The video with which it was launched Gates to the Adventures You can view the campaign below: 

Photo: Bikademy


22. September 2023.