The problem of tourist land and maritime property are the biggest "weights" that plague the owners of Croatian camps

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In the near future, the problems of tourist land and maritime property, which have been tormenting the owners of Croatian camps for years as "weights", should finally be solved, are some of the conclusions 12th Congress of Croatian Camping, held on November 12 and 13 in Terme Tuhelj, organized by Croatian Camping Union (KUH).

At this largest annual gathering of camping, which was attended, among others, by representatives of the camping industry from Croatia and abroad, owners and representatives of domestic and foreign camps, representatives of the public sector and other economic and professional associations in Croatia, trends in the camping industry were discussed. comparing Croatian camping with European countries, but also solving problems that put pressure on the Croatian camping sector. 

"Camping occupies a significant place in Croatian tourism, which is supported by the very notable figures that have been achieved. In the total accommodation capacities, campsites participate with 20 percent, and in the total number of tourist overnight stays in Croatia, 22,1 percent of overnight stays are realized in campsites. There are 723 registered camps in our country with a total capacity of 253.094 people. Out of the total number of camps, only 181 camps have a capacity of more than 150 people" pointed out Tihomir Nikolaš, President of the Executive Board of the Croatian Camping Association.

In his speech, Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board,  he pointed out: "The camping segment is one of the most important segments of the total tourist product in Croatia. There was an increase in traffic in the camping segment of 3% more arrivals and 1% more overnight stays, but what is particularly pleasing is the development in terms of quality of the camping offer in Croatia, especially when we talk about the camps themselves, through raising the quality of accommodation. glamping, mobile homes or the campers themselves".

"The camping segment is extremely important for Croatian tourism because it achieves excellent results. Camping is at the forefront when it comes to working on improving the quality of service, and I believe that space will be opened for investments in this segment of tourism in order to further increase the quality of the offer." stressed Frano Matušić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism. 

During this year's professional part of the congress, the owners and representatives of the camps  they cited the problems of too high a VAT rate and a shortage of labor in tourism. For all this, they tried to find solutions in the thematic discussions and experiences of competing countries.

With a rich professional part, among which lectures were given by domestic and foreign experts from the camping sector, as part of 12th Congress of Croatian Camping an exhibition-fair part was held, where 15 models of mobile homes and 13 models of glamping tents were presented, as well as various equipment and services in camping. 

On the last day of the congress, the regular election assembly of the Croatian Camping Association was held, at which the new leadership of the association was elected, headed by the President of the Executive Board, Mr. Veljko Ostojić. The newly elected president of the assembly in the next four-year period is Tihomir Nikolaš.

12th Croatian Camping Congress is a central meeting place for the camping sector and related activities, exchange of experiences and meetings with colleagues from the sector. A total of 360 participants are participating in the congress, and from the first congress, held in 2007 until 2017, the congresses gathered more than 2.150 participants. 

Camping is a lifestyle

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As part of the professional part of the congress, several round tables were held to discuss the role and importance of camping tourism. It should be noted that camping has become a lifestyle and in the last ten years has taken a significant place in Croatian tourism. Croatian camps are of better quality and offer a better tourist offer, so it can rightly be said that they are located next to modern hotels. They will continue to evolve especially in the direction of glamping which is a growing trend in the world. On the other hand, boutique campsites are being developed in which campers can experience a true camping experience.

According to the structure of campers, the most numerous are Germans who have realized 6,65 million overnight stays this year. Slovenians were in second place with 2,96 million overnight stays, and Austrians were in third place with 1,85 million overnight stays. The Dutch, who are known as tourists who love camping holidays, recorded 1,82 million overnight stays in Croatia this year and were in fourth place in terms of overnight stays. 

It is also known that campers are good consumers, and in the past 13 years there has been a noticeable increase in their average consumption per camper. And while in 2004 a camper spent € 33,94 a day, in 2017 his spending increased to € 57,60 a day.

Croatian camps are increasingly popular among European campers, and comparing the share of overnight stays in Croatian camps compared to those in competing Mediterranean countries, we are in a high second place with 22 percent of overnight stays in camps compared to total tourist nights in our country. In front of us is France with a 29 percent share of overnight stays in camps in relation to the total number of overnight stays in that country, while behind us are Italian camps in which 14 percent of the total number of tourist nights in Italy is recorded. 

Awards for the best camps in 2018 

As part of the 12th Congress of Croatian Camping, the best campsites were awarded special recognitions for the quality of Croatia's Best Campsites campsites, which this year were awarded for the first time to Santa Marina Boutique Camping (Vabriga), Arena One 99 Glamping (Medulin) and Omišalj Camping ). In the category of small cams, the award for the quality of OK mini camps was given this year to two new camps, Camp Dvor (Manjadvorci) and Camp Zlatni Lug (Ermovački Lug).

The main Slovenian camping portal is also at the congress awarded the Best Camp Adria to the best campsites according to Slovenian campers, by region: in Istria the best small camp is Polidor and the big camp Valkanela, in Kvarner the best small camp is Draga and big Čikat, while in Dalmatia the best small camp is Slanica and big Straško. In the category of naturist camps, according to Slovenian guests, the best camp is Kovačine on the island of Cres.

See more about the awarded camps in the attachment.


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