Brod - Posavina County received new Bike Stop stations through the Bike Checkpoints project

Through the Bike Checkpoints project, the infrastructure of the existing bicycle paths in the municipality of Sibinj has been enriched, as well as increased safety and content for cyclists.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

November 17, 2022

There are three new ones in the municipality of Sibinj recently Bike Stop stations - on King Tomislav Square in the center of Sibinje, in front of the Community Center in Jakačina Malaja and at the King Tomislav spring on Lake Petnja. 

Goal of a project Bike Checkpoints the purpose of these stations was to enrich the infrastructure of the existing bicycle paths in the municipality of Sibinj, and to increase the safety of tourists and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. Brod-Posavina County is through the project Slavonia Bike in the last 4 years, has laid out more than 30 cycling routes, and several of these routes pass through the municipality of Sibinj. 

In Sibinj, in the last two years, pedestrian and bicycle paths around Lake Petnja have been arranged, which represent a real tourist magnet, and the municipality's activities have led to an increase in the number of cycle tourists and active cyclists, so there is a need for additional infrastructure that would increase safety, as well as facilities for cyclists.

In this sense, the Bike Checkpoints project additionally contributes to the development of cycle tourism and the creation of added value in to the tourist offer of the Brod-Posavina destination

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She was in charge of the project Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board which secured the funds based on a public tender published by the Croatian Tourist Board for the allocation of funds to regional TZs for projects in touristic underdeveloped areas and the continent in 2022.

The project applies an innovative technological solution to the rest area, which includes 3 solar power sets and wireless chargers for mobile phones. 

The total value of the project is HRK 253, of which the grant funds amounted to HRK 125, and the rest of the funds were provided by the TZ of Brod-Posavina County, and partly by the municipality of Sibinj, which prepared and arranged concrete foundations at three locations with funds from its budget. placed Bike Stop cells.  

"The Bike Checkpoints project was implemented relatively quickly - in July we received a decision on the allocation of funds, we concluded the contract with the scout in August, and the works were carried out and completed within the stipulated time", said the director of the Tourist Board of Brod-Posavina County about the implementation of the project Ruzica Vidakovic.

This is one of a total of three projects that the TZ of Brod-Posavina County will realize in 2022 through support from national funds. "Through the national fund, we secured funds for the development of the 'Tourism Development Strategy and Marketing Plan for Brod - Posavina County until 2030' and the project 'Promotion of Brod - Posavina County as an ideal holiday destination on the continent', and all three projects will be realized by the end of the year", explained Vidaković. 

In addition, the Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board has signed a contract with five local tourist boards in the county for another 15 projects. "These projects will be implemented in the cities of Slavonski Brod and Nova Gradiška, the municipalities of Cernik and Garčin, and in the area of ​​the TZ Meridiana Slavonica, and their total value is HRK 659. It should be added that the TZ of the Brod-Posavina County and at the level of the Slavonija Cluster - which brings together 835 Slavonian county tourist boards - a partner in two more projects: the new visual identity of the region of Slavonia, and the creation of a Strategic Operational Plan for the development of the outdoor segment and the offer of active tourism in the area of ​​the Slavonia Cluster", the director Ružica Vidaković highlighted the project activities of the Tourist Board of Brod-Posavina County. 

Photos: Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board

Author  HrTurizam Promo

November 17, 2022