The Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board set aside 127.000 kuna for tourist events

Based on the conducted Internal Invitation and the decision of the 2nd session of the Tourist Board of the Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board held on July 5, 2021, a Decision on support for the nominated events and ...

Based on the conducted Internal Invitation and the decision of the 2nd session of the Tourist Board of the Tourist Board of Brod-Posavina County held on July 5, 2021, the Decision on support for candidate events and events from the program "Support to events" in 2021 was made.

Bearing in mind that the events are one of the motives for the arrival of guests in the destination, and thus generate and multiply traffic in the tourism sector as well as in activities directly or indirectly related, the Tourist Board has allocated a total of 127.000 kuna to support tourism events. Brod-Posavina County for this program 70.000 kuna.

Contracts were signed today with a total of 22 event organizers. The funds will be refunded in accordance with the Regulations and the realization of the event. Three events took place in May and June. We hope that most of the other events will also be held in compliance with all current measures in force, which relate to the competence of the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

All representatives of the organizers were presented with gift souvenirs with the new logo of the Tourist Board of Brod-Posavina County, and an invitation to promote and brand our destination together through new promotional souvenirs at events.

The subject of the Internal Call was the award of grants from the Tourist Board of Brod-Posavina County for events that contribute to the following goals:

  1. promotion / enrichment of the tourist product / offer of the destination of Brod-Posavina County
  2. increasing catering and other tourist traffic,
  3. creating a recognizable image of the destination of BP County: "Nature Keepers, Heritage Keepers, Taste Keepers",
  4. development of tourist events that are the motive for coming to the destination,
  5. development of cultural, sports and other selective forms of tourism.

To this end, the events of the top event and new events will be supported. Grant funds will be approved for the organization and implementation of:

  1. cultural events,
  2. entertainment events,
  3. sports events or happenings,
  4. eno-gastronomic manifestations or events,
  5. traditional / ethno manifestations or events,
  6. other manifestations or events.

Congresses and other business events are not covered by this Internal Call. The funds are intended exclusively for events held in 2021, to co-finance the costs of procurement of goods and services for the immediate realization of events

Eligible applicants were the Tourist Board and the Association from the area of ​​Brod-Posavina County in the function of the main organizer, co-organizer or partner. Tourist boards of cities and municipalities as well as Associations had the right to apply for up to two applications.

In all types of advertising, the organizer of the event will have to publish the logo of the Tourist Board of Brod-Posavina County as a sponsor of the event. An internal call was posted on the website of the Tourist Board as well as on FB in early June.

  • Volleyball club for the disabled "Marsonia" * Sl. Brod - International sports meetings for the disabled "Flash - Ante Čavar Memorial"
  • Oldtimer Club Brod na Savi * Sl.Brod - 5th International Old Timer Meeting in Sl. The ship
  • Association Slavonsko Brodski Biciklist * Vukovar-Sl.Brod-Dubrovnik - 12th Memorial cycling ultramarathon Vukovar - Dubrovnik -
  • KKK Marsonia * Sl.Brod - International Kayak Canoe Regatta 2021
  • Slavonski Brod Tourist Board * Sl. Brod - Slavonia fest CMC 200 festival
  • Ultramarathon club Mazator * Sl.Brod - Slavonian race
  • Moto club Brod * Poloj, Sl. Brod - Pechenkijada 13
  • Cycling club Festung * Jezero Petnja, Municipality Sibinj - XCM Petnja 2021.
  • KUD "Tomislav" * Municipality of Donji Andrijevci - 23rd State Festival of Tamburitza Players "O solitary maple tree, who never plays the pain"
  • MPS "Starotopoljani" * Staro Topolje, Municipality of Donji Andrijevci - Festival of singing groups - Topolje 2021.
  • Tourist Board of the Municipality of Garčin, * Municipality of Garčin - Bicycle race in Garčin
  • UKUD "Biđani" * Bicko Selo, Garčin Municipality - "Oj jeseni, al ideš polako"
  • BC Ramarin * Municipality of Garčin - National Championship in long-distance riding 3rd Round of Croatia cup
  • TZ Nova Gradiška * Nova Gradiška - NG Summer
  • KUD "Ravnica" * Stari Perkovci, Municipality of Vrpolje - On the farm near Bethlehem
  • Kutljan Youth Association * Stupnički kuti, Municipality of Bebrina - 7th days of the first Croatian beer
  • KUD Matija Antun Relković * Municipality of Davor - Fishermen's evenings in Davor
  • Creative association Loma * Sl. Ship - BPŽ360
  • Triathlon club Mazator * Sl. Brod - Croatian Supersprint Duathlon Championship
  • Hunting Association "Merolino Oprisavačko" * Municipality of Oprisavci - Hunting Fair - Oprisavci
  • Cernik Tourist Board * Cernik - Medieval town of Cernik
  • TZ Meridiana Slavonic * Municipality of Brodski Stupnik - Sunset in the vineyard

Photo: Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board / Brodski Stupnik Municipality - Sunset in the vineyard

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