Eco hazelnut products for top restaurants


23. April 2022.

In the peaceful and mild environment of Lika, a hazelnut plantation grows, the fruits of which inspired a young entrepreneur to start production, which is still relatively rare in Croatia. On a total of 3 hectares, far from all environmental polluters, there is a plantation that has been taken care of by the third generation, and the fourth is slowly entering the business. In addition to hazelnut plantations, there is also a plantation of 200 clear plum trees older than 30 years, and bees that enable the production of completely natural and organic honey.

Crafts "Tammy" opened in May 2020 with financial assistance from HAMAG-BICRO. The idea of ​​opening a business came from an existing plantation, with the aim of upgrading the business and offering hazelnut products to the market.

"The products we sell are pure organic hazelnuts as raw materials, and hazelnut oil, flour and butter. We make only pure products - we do not make chocolates, sweets or candied products. Our primary product is oil, and flour and butter are by-products of pressing. hazelnut oil In the process of pressing, on the one hand, we are left with a loaf of bread that we give to grind and thus flour is formed.

And hazelnut butter is a by-product of oil sedimentation after pressing - once the oil is pressed, it has to ‘age’ to be purified, and what’s left at the bottom after that is the butter. ”, explains Tammy owner Ivana Babić Čortan.

The certificates held by this young company are Halal, Kosher and the eco certificate of the Austrian certification company ABG, and are currently in the process HACCP certification. "Our motivation for certification is branding, as well as striving to be more recognizable in the circle of providers, but above all to prove to people that we really have an ecological product. Certification gives people an extra dose of security.", he explains Babic Cortan. Organic farming and production are more complicated and demanding than usual, so few entrepreneurs opt for it.

About his experiences with organic production Babic Cortan says: "We planned the certification long before we even opened the business, so we didn't have to change the production processes. As we did the certification first, we made sure we didn't take any wrong steps in the administration or the production itself. way of production, rather than starting from the beginning. Production by standards is of course harder, there is more paperwork, more costs, more responsibility to consumers and government institutions. But I believe that ecology lies in the future of living, behavior and nutrition. "


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They did not start selling until they had obtained all the certificates, so the marketing of the products was weaker. But when the sale started, Tammy managed to place his products in several renowned restaurants. "Our products are used in Nebo Restaurant & Lounge as part of the Hilton in Rijeka, and in a restaurant Lobby in Vienna. Both of these restaurants have Michelin star, and we are currently in negotiations with some other restaurants.

We presented our products to them through direct marketing, direct contact and sending samples, and after they tested them and concluded that the products were acceptable to them, we conducted further negotiations.

For now, while we are a small company, our marketing strategy remains low budget. We have a very well-developed website, and there are also social networks and direct contact with targeted clients. We mostly contact restaurants, they are our primary. There is also the bio-cosmetics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, but also high-level confectioneries and bakeries - they are all our potential customers. ", she pointed out Babic Cortan.

In this small company, they hope that their products will be recognized over time, and that they will grow in capacity. Owner Ivana Babić Čortan summarizes: "We plan to make a brand out of our products and produce bigger quantities every year. We don't want to make the business megalomaniac; we'd like to keep it smaller, thinking that quality is more important than quantity, and small business is good because it guarantees quality."

Photo: Tammy


23. April 2022.