Flights between New York and Dubrovnik started

Since last week, Dubrovnik has been connected again with a direct airline to New York. On Friday, 214 Americans arrived at Dubrovnik Airport with a direct inauguration flight of United Airlines, and ...

It's been since last week Dubrovnik reconnected by direct airline with New York. Direct airline inauguration flight United Airlines on Friday, 214 Americans arrived at Dubrovnik Airport, and the next day 225 American passengers arrived in Dubrovnik by flight Delta Air Lines.

With the flights of these two American airlines, Dubrovnik will be connected with the USA from even this July eight direct flights a week and for the first time in more than 30 years by direct line with New York.

/// Flights from the USA to Dubrovnik depart

Mayor of the city of Dubrovnik Mato Franković expressed satisfaction with this great success in connecting with the extremely important American market. "Americans are our number one market at the moment, and knowing this market, they will not only be guests of our city but also of the entire Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the wider area. Eight direct flights a week with the US is something really amazing in this crisis year, and we now have the obligation to maintain good health because if the number of infected will increase it means that we will be left without tourists and therefore at this time vaccination is extremely important because our economy directly depends on that ”, said the mayor of Dubrovnik.

/// American demand for Croatia and Dubrovnik increased by 205 percent

"This is a historic day for our tourism. The American market is the most important for our tourism. I think that Croatia and the USA are really great tourist partners. We are recognized as one of the top tourist destinations. ", he pointed out HTZ Director Kristjan Stanicic, adding that he believes this will be a long - term co - operation between United and Dubrovnik airports.

Delta Air Lines Regional Sales Director, Thomas Brandt he stated that the first flight of their airline was fully booked, and that from the first day there was great interest in this route. He emphasized how it was JFK u New York - departure airport of this line - connected by flights with all American cities, which means that guests from all parts of the USA will arrive in Dubrovnik this flight.

According to the administration Dubrovnik airports, Dubrovnik is currently connected to 40 destinations by air, and they hope that number will rise to 50 or even more by the beginning of August.

"This would be a great success even if we were not in a pandemic. Recovery time is ahead of us and we still have to act responsibly because only in this way can we maintain the health standard that is the basic precondition for the recovery of our city's economy. ", the mayor said on his Facebook profile Frković.

Photo: Dubrovnik Airport / Facebook

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