Ivan Voras: How can augmented reality help the tourism sector?

Ivan Voras is a co-founder of the startup Equinox, a platform for augmented reality. It is important to emphasize the platform, which offers business users entry into the f ...

Author  Goran Rihelj

January 22, 2022

Ivan Voras he is a co-founder of a startup Equinox, augmented reality platforms. An important emphasis is on the platform, which offers business users entry into the fantastic world of "Metaverse", ie allows them to perform, market, position and access users in a completely new medium.

Equinox Vision is a Croatian startup that is developing a platform for easy publishing of augmented reality content (AR - augmented reality) in a way close to that of social networks. Equinox is focused on AR on smartphones as devices that everyone has in their pocket, and today they represent the greatest potential for publishing both informative-educational and commercial content.

The company provides commercial users with access to the Equinox platform for self-publishing content, but also offers complete advice on strategy, development and creation of interactive AR content for the platform.

The strength of the Equinox platform lies in the easy and fast publishing of a variety of animated and interactive AR content - photos, videos, 3D characters - that can be viewed on smartphones, the most widespread devices that everyone has in their pocket. and painstakingly developing for each AR project separately from scratch, the Equinox platform enables daily publishing of AR content in a way close to that of social networks ", he said Ivan Voras, co-founder of Equinox Vision.

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Just recently, in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board (TZGZ), Equinox Vision enabled the citizens of Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Rijeka and Pula to enjoy specially created virtual content of Advent Zagreb.

Equinox turned the illustrations into animated and interactive three-dimensional AR (Augmented Reality) objects that are drawn to users in augmented reality on the screen of their smartphone. Everyone who has a smartphone could see three-dimensional illustrations of windows and interact with them on the site via the free Equinox XR application.

/// Zagreb Advent this year and in augmented reality

Of course, the possibilities of the platform are wide or whatever our creativity allows. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are topics that have occupied the tourism sector for the past few years, and as if they were just a preparation for metaverses, in which the tourism sector will certainly have something to show. 

How can augmented reality help the tourism sector? Find out in the new loud thinking HomoTuristicus. 

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Author  Goran Rihelj

January 22, 2022