Another valuable award for the city of Rab - JUXTA MARE winner of the HOP label

The virtual museum of fishing, seafaring and shipbuilding in the city of Rab, called JUXTA MARE for short (lat. by the sea), is a novelty among Rab's tourist offer...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

17. August 2023.

The virtual museum of fishing, seafaring and shipbuilding of the city of Rab, named for short JUXTA MARE (lat. by the sea), is a novelty among Rab's tourist offer. It was opened on December 6.12.2022, XNUMX. year, and since then it has been attracting great interest from both the local population and tourists.

To briefly remind you, the Tourist Board of the town of Rab submitted the JUXTA MARE project to the competition from the Local Development Strategy in the Fisheries of LAGUR Tramuntana for the period 2014-2020 (hereinafter LRSR) for Measure 2.A.1. "Development of tourist content related to the tradition of the fishing region". The subject of the FLAG competition is the award of public support for the implementation of activities within the approved Measure 2.A.1. The development of tourist facilities related to the tradition of the fishing region (hereinafter referred to as "Measure 2.A.1") of LRSR with the aim of connecting the traditional fishing and maritime sector with the tourism sector and creating new tourist facilities (by organizing events and creating socio-cultural events) for project holders who have their seat/residence within the fishing area of ​​the FLAG. For this reason, we believe that we can safely claim that this virtual museum is the first of its kind in Croatia, and probably beyond. 

Measure 2.A.1. refers to the connection of the fishing sector with the tourism sector for the purpose of preserving and promoting fishing and maritime traditions and traditional shipbuilding in the fishing area. Promotion and preservation of fishing and maritime traditions would be achieved with the help of investments in the construction and equipping of small fishing and maritime "museums", thematic, educational, interpretation - multimedia centers, thematic routes, exhibitions, manifestations and competitive events. The Tourist Board successfully applied for the project and was granted the complete funds requested in the tender in the amount of 148.718,34 euros, how much did the entire project cost in total.

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In this phase, 13 locations were processed, which include shipbuilders, fishermen and significant historical architecture that is a witness to the course of civilization of the said island landscape, all of which are located along the promenade by the sea along the entire stretch of the Banjol - Barbat settlement. The name of the project JUXTA MARE comes from the fact that the entire contents of the museum are located on the promenade by the sea. 

The following participated in the project: Neven Budak, Mladen Šćerbe, Nomacom doo, IMG ventili doo, Centar Kovačić doo and the project manager was Ivana Matušan. 

The value of this project was also recognized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union in the form of inclusion of the Virtual Museum of Fishing, Seafaring and Shipbuilding in the city of Rab in the intangible heritage of the Croatian island product, which includes the Rab Fair as of this year.

The "Croatian island product" labeling project for island products began in 2007 with the aim of encouraging the production of original and high-quality island products. At the end of August 2022, the "Croatian Island Product" Program was adopted, which is harmonized with the Law on Islands ("Official Gazette" No. 116/2018, 73/2020, 133/2020, 70/2021) and the Rulebook on the Implementation of the Program "Croatian island product" in relation to the scope, number of members and composition of the expert commissions for awarding the "Croatian island product" label, the way of keeping records of entities that have been awarded the "Croatian island product" label, and the way of controlling the use of the "Croatian island product" label (Official Gazette 139/2021)
Pursuant to Article 36 of the Law on Islands and based on the Program "Croatian island productThe Ministry awards the label "Croatian island product" whose goal is to encourage production and marketing and promotion of original and innovative island products, tradition and heritage.

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The label is awarded to island products and intangible assets for the purpose of preserving the island's tradition and identity through a public call for awarding the label "Croatian island product" and based on a submitted application for an island product that meets the conditions and criteria set forth in the said Ordinance and public call.

The Tourist Board of the town of Rab would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project and all the people from the sea, who created and are creating the history of fishing, seafaring and shipbuilding, to be able to present it in this way today.

Photo: TZ Rab

Author  HrTurizam Promo

17. August 2023.