The targeted campaign of Lošinj on the Austrian and German markets has started

"Now the sun, the beach and the sea!" 


20. May 2022.

The Tourist Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj, in cooperation with the members of the destination, will again this year realize a promotional campaign about Lošinj in the area of ​​the two emitting countries; Austria and Germany (Baden-Württemberg and Bayern).

Natural beauties and health benefits of Lošinj center are this year's promotions based on storytelling - "telling a story" and the products and activities that the island offers to guests with a promotional message "Now the sun, the beach and the sea" 

It is about online advertising (branding format banners and video banner), and the main media channels are online media and top portals on the markets, as well as social media, says the director of the tourist board of the City of Mali Lošinj Dalibor Cvitkovic.

Thus, in Germany, promotion is planned on extremely relevant media in the market;, te , while in Austria it is promoted to , a segment-oriented medium higher earners.

Promotion of elk on the Austrian and German markets fb

Considering that exactly one third of the tourist traffic (Germans 25%, Austrians 9%) comes to Mali Lošinj from the German and Austrian markets, it is no coincidence that the campaign focused on these areas.

"In cooperation with all leading stakeholders in the destination, the campaign will highlight the natural factors of the island of Losinj such as microclimate, biodiversity, high quality sea and first quality air with many sunny days a year. Relaxation, wellness, wellbeing and active vacation are the center of promotion. the goal is to attract more potential tourists, but also to present Lošinj as a destination of additional value. " concludes Cvitković.

The campaign began on May 16 and will run until June 20, 2022.

You can watch the promotional campaign, but also more importantly (at least those from Mali Lošinj), use it in communication, at the link:

The articles from the campaign should be shared by all stakeholders on Mali Lošinj through their social channels in order to follow the campaign. Because that is exactly how the campaign and communication towards the target market from several sides is directly intensified. And everyone has the same interest - to bring guests from target markets to the destination.

Photographs: Mali Lošinj Tourist Board



20. May 2022.