MINTS suggests that the British take a quick test before coming to Croatia

The UK has lifted virtually all measures since yesterday. Given that this is one of the countries where the delta strain of coronavirus is spreading rapidly, the question arises ...

The UK has lifted virtually all measures since yesterday. Given that this is one of the countries where the coronavirus delta strain is spreading rapidly, the question arises whether we need special rules for British tourists to enter Croatia.

Currently, the same rules apply to British entry into Croatia as for all tourists from third countries: proof that they have received both vaccines, a negative PCR or rapid antigen test, or proof that they have survived the crown. Also, all tourists must enter the confirmation of the booked accommodation and fill in the online form before traveling when entering Croatia. These are new rules according to which tourists from non-EU countries can also visit Croatia, which are valid from 1 April.

How to find out, the CNIPH is considering the possibility of asking all Britons, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated, for a negative crown test when entering the country. For now, there is no concrete decision and a move by the CNIPH is awaited.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, was in favor yesterday N1 said that they had sent a proposal to the Headquarters and epidemiologists to make another antigen test before the citizens of the UK come to Croatia and that it is up to them to bring an adequate solution.

"We must be aware that the British mostly come to Dalmatia, where we have a large percentage of unvaccinated and a worse epidemiological situation. We have to take care of that. The number of British tourists coming to Croatia is relatively small from the British perspective, but for our framework it is a large number ", said Index's source from the National Headquarters. 

Apparently, the CNIPH will propose that, regardless of vaccination, from some countries outside the EU, including the United Kingdom, a negative test be introduced as the basic criterion, without which it will not be possible to enter Croatia, according to colleagues from

While there is still no consensus or concrete decision, the British have already landed in Zadar and Split today, and will arrive in Dubrovnik tomorrow. We already know that there is British interest in Croatia, especially since Portugal and Spain are in the red.

Should additional measures be introduced for British guests? Difficult or in the least "ticklish" question. Depending on which angle we look at: exclusively epidemiological or also through the salvation of the tourist season? And we know how much tourism affects the whole economy and GDP, especially now that the economy is on its knees.

On the one hand, the question is logical if we want to "save" the tourist season or at least extend it as much as possible. Precisely due to the fact that the delta strain of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the UK, as well as the fact that all measures were abolished yesterday, scientists are afraid of a new escalation of coronavirus in the UK. On the other hand, we know how important the British market is to us, as well as the fact that there is a strong desire to travel in the UK.

Unfortunately, we cannot rely on common sense and appropriate behavior, both of all citizens and tourists. If we could, we would not be in this epidemiological situation today.

On the other hand, the full vaccination rate in the UK is over 68%, while in Croatia it is close to 50% with at least one dose. Namely, as of July 19, 2.930.768 doses of vaccine were consumed in Croatia, and 39,3% of the total population was vaccinated, ie 47,2% of the adult population.

More specifically, 1.593.590 people were vaccinated with at least one dose, of whom 1.375.054 people were vaccinated (1.337.178 people were vaccinated with two doses and 37.876 people were vaccinated with Jannsen), which makes up 40,84% ​​of the adult population.

Of course, as stated by Ružica Mikačić from Free Dalmatia, it is hard to believe that in the epidemiological sense something in our country will significantly spoil what we ourselves cannot prevent. The question is how long we, as hosts, will responsibly welcome them vaccinated and protected from COVID. Because every guest, no matter where they come from, can be an epidemiological threat only to an unprepared host.

There is a fine line between the escalation of the situation and keeping the number of new patients under control, which is a key precondition for the continuation of the tourist season.

Photo: Kyle Myburgh,

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