Nin in the presented book "Strive for Perfection: Platinum Anniversary Edition"

The Croatian city of Nin is in the company of selected global brands and is featured in the art album Strive for Perfection: The Platinum Jubilee Edition


19. October 2022.

The Croatian city of Nin from Zadar County is in the company of selected global brands and is presented in an art album Strive for Perfection: The Platinum Jubilee Edition within the article titled Jewel in the crown.

The text about Nin in the form of an interview was written by British television journalist Laura Jones. The article presents globally significant features of Nino. Kraljičina plaža is the brand chosen by the editorial team to enter this prestigious edition. Famous world tourist destinations such as Bleneheim Castle from England, the national organization of Malta, the Tourist Organization of Seville, a villa from the Caribbean islands in Barbados, castles from the Czech Republic, France and Scotland, hotels from Santorini, Majorca, Ibiza, Greece, Portugal, Costa Rica, Norwegian and luxury resorts from Sardinia and the Maldives, boutique hotels from Mexico, etc. All these brands are located within the sub-heading section. Great escapes.

Publishers and purpose of publication

RREC, one of the world's oldest and most prestigious car clubs, the International Rolls-Royce Club (bringing together Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners) and Royal Publisher St James's House (SJH Groupe) have released a unique art book Strive for Perfection: The Platinum Jubilee Edition with which this club dedicated Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022, i.e. the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accession to the throne of the United Kingdom, which she completed in April. This elegantly designed publication represents one of the important collector's items marking a unique royal occasion.

The publishing house St James House London offered the Tourist Board of the city of Nin cooperation through an editorial in the book Strive for Perfection – Platinum Jubilee Edition – a luxury edition that celebrates the rich heritage of Rolls-Royce and Bentley and showcases the historic relationship between the Queen, the Royal Family and the brands involved.

Launched this year to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee, the project presents links between royal celebrations and Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars, as well as other related stories about the royal family and luxury brand models of the past, present and future.

This prestigious edition celebrates the extraordinary automotive heritage of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, providing a beautiful, illustrated overview of the royal car through the decades and around the world. In addition, it documents the historic relationship between the Queen, the Royal Family and two famous brands.

Steve Perfection: Platinum Jubilee Edition was written by respected authors and experts, includes a selection of luxury brands from all over the world, and Nin and Kraljičina beach were added to it, which raised the former Croatian royal city above the average.

The book will be distributed to RREC's 11.000 members and affiliates as a personal gift, with copies available in all Rolls-Royce and Bentley showrooms worldwide. The edition is accompanied by a digital version that will be able to be further distributed and used as a promotional tool on the tourist market, emphasizing that the brand Kraljičina plaža Nin is in such an important and luxurious edition of the renowned English publishing house.

Director of the city of Nina, marija dejanovic, photo archive of the city of Nina

Book launch event at grosvenor house archive tzg nina 2

Event: book launch

The presentation of the book was organized in the form of afternoon tea (Afternoon book launch event) or great room in Grosvenor House, in the center of London where 1000 guests were present.

The book was launched by Richard Freed, founder of the SJH Group, Ian Dorward, chief executive of RREC, Robert Jobson, biographer and correspondent of the Royal Royal Biographer, and Ray Massey, motoring editor and Daily Mail columnist. After the presentation, guests were invited to network.

After the afternoon event, an evening event was held London Press Club Ball which was attended by over 700 media persons, representatives, celebrities and VIP guests, so the participants had the opportunity to get to know the most influential media of Great Britain.

The London Press Club is the main British press gala, attended by editors and journalists from all national newspapers, TV channels and major magazines. Guests at the event shape the media industry, and the headline news is the lifestyle stories that influence the way people spend their money.

Representatives from the Tourist Board of the city of Nin were present at the events.

Statements from the system of tourist boards in Croatia related to this promotional performance

"This is a valuable promotional opportunity for Nin tourism towards the luxury tourism sector, high-net-worth individuals and selected clientele on the rich British market, carrying a strong potential for a stronger positioning of Nin, Zadar County and Croatia in the segment of luxury tourism", he says Darija Reić, director of the HTZ representative office in London.

"The fact that an entire page in this prestigious edition is dedicated to the famous Queen's Beach in Nin, a city that is one of the most important tourist destinations in Zadar County, is extremely gratifying. This is a really great opportunity to promote the city of Nin as well as Zadar County and Croatia on a powerful the British market, but also on the global market. As a regional tourism organization, we strongly support the inclusion of the city of Nin, a destination that is part of Zadar County, in this interesting project.", she said Mihaela Kadija, director of the Zadar County Tourist Board.

"I must admit that it was a great surprise and pleasure that we were noticed in such an important campaign and became partners of a project that positioned us alongside respected world tourism brands. This brought great enthusiasm to our tourism office. Therefore, we warmly welcome everyone from the royal city of Nin , the oldest Croatian city, the cradle of the Croatian state, and we highlight the brand that attracted the English editors when publishing their historical edition - Kraljičina beach in the unique Croatian lagoon. The British market and Nin are mutually attracted because it is already visited by the English for its attractions: relics related to the Bible, royal the soil of a strong medieval historical position, pre-Romanesque churches, sandy beaches that the British love, eco salt pans, a rich birdlife of 240 species of birds, eco spas with open-air mud, kitesurfing schools, etc. The good connection of Zadar Airport facilitates the arrival of Britons belonging to the target group of high paying power co value for money is a very important element for them. This is an opportunity to make a turnaround in Nin and the process of restructuring the accommodation offer while raising the quality to a higher level by encouraging the development of small boutique hotels and heritage accommodation, of course in addition to the existing offer in villas with swimming pools and five-star hotels in the nearby town of Petrčane. This edition will serve Nina as excellent marketing on the global market.", she stated Marija Dejanović, Director of the Tourist Board of Nin.

The most important part of this project is the Platinum Jubilee Book, which offers the audience a permanent association with the exclusive world-famous brands highlighted in it, and with the city of Nin with its Queen's Beach.

Photos: Nin Tourist Board


19. October 2022.