Stanicic: Slovenian guests are very important for Croatia

The 20th anniversary of the CNTB Representation was marked in Ljubljana



13. April 2022.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the CNTB Office in Slovenia, the Croatian National Tourist Board, in partnership and cooperation with the Istrian Tourist Board, organized an event entitled "20 years of partnership and friendship".

This is an event held in the center of Ljubljana, and a press conference and an evening gathering with the most important Slovenian partners, the media and representatives of the Slovenian tourism sector were attended by Kristjan Staničić, director of the CNTB, Monika Udovicic from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, Metka Bradetić, Director of the CNTB Representation in Slovenia and Denis Ivošević, director of the Tourist Board of Istria. 

"Slovenian guests are very important for Croatia. Namely, Slovenia is the market from which, after Germany, we realize the largest number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays. We know that Slovenes are welcome guests in Croatia, they know our country well, especially Istria and Kvarner. Slovenian tourists are also extremely loyal guests, and what we would like in the future is as many new young Slovenian tourists who will discover the beauties of Croatia throughout the tourist year and who will explore new destinations, especially those in the continental part of Croatia. ", said the director of the CNTB Christian Stanicic, who thanked Slovenian partners and the media for 20 years of strong friendship, partnership and mutual trust.

The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Croatian office in Slovenia was enhanced by numerous Slovenian guests, who thus confirmed the importance of the tourism sector, which strongly connects Croatia and Slovenia, according to the CNTB. That is how they represented the Slovenian side, among others Simon Zajc, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia in charge of tourism, Ksenija Flegar Director General of the Directorate for Tourism, Acting Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board Ilona Stermecki, President of the Association of Slovenian Travel Agencies Matthew Knaus, Director of Tourism Ljubljana Petra Stušek, as well as many other representatives of Slovenian professional associations, partner agencies and tour operators.

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"Traditionally, the Slovenian market is one of the most important for Istria and, after the German and Austrian, it ranks high third in the number of arrivals and overnight stays. Slovenians are our first neighbors, a favorite in our destinations because we have extremely good relations with them. Therefore, we are especially pleased to have had the opportunity to attend this celebration, during which we presented Istria as a lifestyle destination with a focus on cuisine that the Slovenian market greatly appreciates and understands. ", emphasized the director of the Tourist Board of Istria Denis Ivošević.   

The presentation of Croatia and Istria in Ljubljana was further enriched by the products of partners, including the Umag restaurant Body, whose are chefs presented their culinary skills, Poreč Agrolaguna which provided top Istrian wines, extra virgin olive oils and cheeses, and guests had the opportunity to consume prosciutto Jelenić, craft beer Bura Brew from Poreč and craft gin monk from Premantura. 

"It is difficult to summarize 20 years of work of the representative office in a few sentences. What I can say is that we are extremely honored to have excellent tourist results in such a challenging market for years, that Slovenian guests follow us in our development, Croatia as a tourist destination. We are extremely pleased that Slovenian guests recognize all our activities and reward us with their faithful arrival, so I sincerely thank you for the past 20 years of friendship and partnership and look forward to the coming years ahead. ", she concluded Metka Bradetić, Director of the CNTB Representation in Slovenia.

The rich program was further completed in collaboration with ACIwhose marinas are visited in large numbers by Slovenian guests, so he is the President of the Management Board of ACI Kristijan Pavić presented a special award to the happiest Slovenian guest. 

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Photo: Peter Irman


13. April 2022.