Veljko Ostojić elected president of the UPUHH Assembly

Photo: Tourism Conference 365

At the Electoral Assembly of the Association of Entrepreneurs in the Croatian Hotel Industry (UPUHH), which took place on Tuesday, November 27 in Zagreb, Veljko Ostojić, director of the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT), was elected President of the Assembly.

At the same time, the composition of the Executive Board of UPUHH was changed, whose members became directors of human resources and directors of operations of members of the association. The changes will enable UPUHH to deal more operatively with issues of development of the hotel profession with an emphasis on education and employment, as well as issues of categorization and standardization in the hotel industry.

With these changes, the repositioning within the system of tourist associations with HUT as the umbrella association of the sector was completed. HUT includes the largest associations of the tourism sector, UPUHH and the Croatian Camping Association (KUH), and 13 leading hotel groups operating in Croatia.

UPUHH and KUH continue to deal with professional issues of the hotel and camping sector and development issues, while HUT will deal with strategic issues of tourism as the most important Croatian industry, which accounts for 20 percent of GDP and more than 10 percent of employment in Croatia.


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