Modern Interpretation of History - Open Interpretation Center in Klis

At the foot of the Klis Fortress, one of the most significant symbols of turbulent Croatian history, the long-awaited Interpretation Center was opened, in which visitors are presented with an extremely rich historical ...

At the foot of Klis Fortress, one of the most significant symbols of turbulent Croatian history, the long-awaited Interpretation Center was opened, where computer 3D holographic projections show visitors the extremely rich historical and cultural heritage of the region, but also its recognizable gastronomic and oenological features.  

The connection of modern technologies and historical-cultural heritage results by an innovative interpretation of the past areas of the Municipality of Klis and offering a high quality experience of the destination.

The project also includes exterior lighting of buildings in the very center of the place with a display of known locations and the possibility 3D mapping on the outer walls of the interpretation center thus, without additional interventions in the space, an attractive visual content is obtained.

In order to display "Revived histories", this project started four years ago when the Municipality of Klis and the Klis Entrepreneurship Incubator applied to the tourism development fund at the relevant ministry.

The project of adapting and equipping the existing facility into an interpretation center is valuable million of which 410.000 were co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism, with 150.000 the project was supported by the Split-Dalmatia County, while the remaining amount was financed by the Municipality of Klis.

"We are extremely proud that we can offer added value to everyone who comes to Klis and visits the Klis Fortress, one of the most important cultural and historical monuments in Croatia, through the Interpretation Center. This is a place where visitors to Klis will be able to get important information about the specifics of the region, modern centuries-old history of our region, but also where they will begin their research and learning about all the values ​​of the destination and what we offer. By caring for heritage, we valorize our greatest historical and cultural wealth and invest in its further development, so that, thanks to EU funds, the beautiful Klis walls will soon be illuminated by new LED lighting, giving them a completely new perspective. ", said the Mayor of Klis Jakov Vetma during the opening ceremony of the center. 

In the Klis Interpretation Center, visitors can immerse themselves in incredibly realistic and visually attractive depictions from the glorious past of Klis, once the first Croatian capital and the royal capital of the Trpimirović dynasty. Apart from history lovers, the content of the Interpretation Center will be interesting for tourists who will get the necessary information about the entire tourist, eno-gastronomic, accommodation and cultural offer of the Kliška region by simply using touch screens.

Klis Fortress attracts more and more tourists every year

The Klis Fortress is visited by an increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists every year, so last year a record of 70.000 visitors, mostly thanks to the project of revitalization and restoration of the Klis fortress, which became planetarily recognized thanks to the filming of HBO's series "Game of Thrones". 

The number of visitors continues to grow, so, compared to last year, a record year, in the first 5 months of this year, Klis recorded an increase in the number of visitors by more than 60%, while the fortress's revenues exceeded the amount of HRK 3 million, which is an exceptional result for a municipality with just over 5 inhabitants. 

These funds are further invested in projects aimed at raising the standard of living of the local community through the arrangement of kindergartens and schools, sports facilities, transport and tourism infrastructure, incentives for young families who want to work and live in Klis and encourage and develop new economic and entrepreneurial initiative, Vetma points out and adds: “As a cult place of the Croatian past and the starting point of national history, Klis deserves to restore the status of a city that it once had and become a historic city and tourist destination where guests will stay even longer. In Klis we do not strive for mass, but thoughtful and sustainable tourism, and although we are most recognizable by the Klis fortress, we plan to develop in other segments of the tourist offer because we have the potential - from geo-traffic advantages, culture, agritourism, potential eco-ethno villages, adrenaline parks…", Vetma pointed out and announced new investments.

The project of a summer stage at the fortress worth 5.3 million kuna is being prepared, and already this June the Municipality is announcing a tender for the sale of land intended for construction of an attractive hotel, which aims to attract future investors and offer additional tourist facilities.

Find out more about the sale of land for hotel construction in the attachment.



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