Winners of Vinistra's judging announced: 435 samples of wine and spirits arrived for this year's judging

Traditionally, the best overture for Vinistra is the international evaluation of the World of Malvasia, which took place for the 12th time, in the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel in Poreč, and which breaks records from year to year ...

Traditionally, the best overture for Vinistra is the international evaluation of the World of Malvasia, which took place for the 12th time, in the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel in Poreč, and which from year to year breaks records in terms of both quality and number of samples. That's how it arrived for this year's evaluation 435 samples of wine and spirits, of which 220 samples of Malvasia.

A new name on the wine scene, Denis Bernobić from Markovac near Višnjan, won the championship title in the category of fresh Malvasia. Competing with three other top Malvasias, his wine took the win. This is also the biggest surprise at the evaluation of wine and spirits and the 12th World of Malvasia, which was traditionally held in mid-April at the Parentium Plava Laguna Hotel in Poreč.

"The lineage has always been the foundation of the existence of us Istrians. My family has been in winemaking for four generations, but for the last few years the focus has been on top quality wines. The championship title is a great success, I must admit a surprise, but also recognition and encouragement to continue in the same direction. ", points out Denis Bernobić.

Malvasia Collina from the 2016 winery Cattunar from Nova Vas near Brtonigla is the champion in the category of mature Malvasia; Teran Barbarossa Vina Tomaz from Motovun won the championship title in the fresh Teran category; while in the mature category, that title went to the wine of Santa Lucia from 2018. Kozlović Winery from Momjan.

In the category of mature refoška, ​​the champion is Capo d'Istria from 2013, the Slovenian Vinakoper, and five large gold medals were awarded to wines that won more than 92 points. These are the 2015 San Salvatore Muscat White Benvenuti wines from Caldir; Muscat yellow from 2019. Capo wine from Fernetić; Malvasia volcanica from 1956 by Spanish manufacturer El Grifo Canari; Merlot from 2017 Siljan wines from Krnica, and Aura biska extra from 2021 from the Buzet distillery Aura also won big gold.

"We are extremely pleased that we have managed to organize such a demanding competition in these unusual times. I am pleased with the top quality of the champion wines and the fact that as many as five wines crossed the threshold of 92 points and won great gold", Said Nikola Benvenuti in front of Vinistra.

Another 139 gold and 16 silver medals were awarded, while other manufacturers received diplomas. This year the right to label IQ - Istrian quality achieved 24 winemakers for Malvasia and seven winemakers for Teran. You can view all the results here.

Unit IQ - Istrian quality It is primarily intended for labeling high quality wines produced from Istrian and Teran Malvasia grapes and encouraging the development of production of these indigenous wines, raising the level of their quality and production technologies, and promotion and sales on the domestic and world markets. The IQ mark enables the consumer to recognize those Istrian wines whose quality is higher than the quality prescribed by the law for quality wines with geographical origin, and higher than the one that the customer usually requires and expects.

This is a unique, active wine control system in Croatia where winemakers themselves gradually raise the scoring threshold for wines bearing the IQ - Istrian Quality label, all with the purpose of standardizing and raising product quality. The IQ label guarantees an active quality control system that takes place on four levels: in the vineyard (yield control), in the cellar (vinification control), chemical analysis and organoleptic evaluation, and after the label is awarded, market control is performed.

This is exactly how the quality of the wine region is strategically raised and branded. It is important to emphasize that the Association of Winemakers and Winegrowers of Istria, was founded in 1994. Therefore, it is a continuous process and strategic goal of raising the quality of Istrian wines and branding Istria as a wine region.

Find out more about the IQ-Istrian quality label HERE

Vinistra will be held in June?

Great results and championship titles are the best announcement of the 27th Vinistra, which is being held in the open air for the first time this year, in the Peškera bay in Poreč. Although it was originally announced that the 27th Vinistra will be held from May 07 to 09 in Porec, due to the epidemiological situation throughout Croatia, the organizers announced that they are changing the date and place of the event.

The exact date is not yet known, for now the focus is on the month of June. The organizers of Vinistra are optimistic and do not give up on organizing this year's Vinistra.

Photo: Danilo Dragosavac

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