The campaign "Experience local. Explore rural Croatia" filmed at locations in Zagreb County

Author  HrTurizam Promo

26. May 2022.

Campaign "Experience homework. Explore rural Croatia!"continues this year

Project Experience homework. Explore rural Croatia implemented at the national level was launched with the aim of encouraging domestic tourist traffic through getting to know Croatian rural destinations. In the thematic video, this campaign will also promote the beauties of the green Zagreb Ring. 

For the needs of video material, it was filmed in the area of ​​the green oasis of Zagreb County Žumberak Nature Park and the family farm of Robert Braja and the Excursion Site Vineyard house Braje to present our field-to-table tourism direction.  It is the promotion of family farms that is important for the branding and promotion of rural tourism, which is the basis of the tourist product of rural Croatia. 

In order to show the rich gastronomic tradition, we presented the best indigenous local specialty Plešivički slipper - salty cake made of fresh cow's cheese and nettle. Quality and tradition guarantee a complete experience of the Plešivica region through wine and local specialties and an experience in which everything comes together in magic. A large selection of award-winning wines and gastronomic specialties such as duck with grinders, homemade butter, vegetables and home-grown meat guarantee a top experience that you will always return to.

For the inhabitants of Zagreb and central Croatia, green spaces are a great destination for digital detox Žumberak Nature Park - Samobor Highlands. On an area of ​​350 km2 permanently live only about 4000 inhabitants, and the height difference climbs from 180 to 1178 meters. 


"I am convinced that we have made a step towards the popularization of rural tourism through this project, which is also supported at the national level. Experience local gives us the opportunity to present exactly what is in the focus of sustainable tourism local foods and products and their presentation through our tourist facilities. It is on this principle of local, indigenous and traditional that our tourist offer is based, which in combination with nature and our numerous outdoor facilities makes a unique combination on which we base the development of tourism in Zagreb County. Our green living room in Zagreb, Zagreb County has three wine roads and wine tourism, which is the most developed in Croatia as well as the largest number of family farms, over 14 thousand of them, which confirms our great tourist potential. points out the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board Ivana Alilović.

Žumberak has many tourist attractive locations from colorful flora and fauna, water resources, natural attractions such as Slapnica canyon or Sopot waterfall, untouched forests and mountain peaks, to archeological sites, ancient antiquities, ethnological heritage, interesting churches, sports trails. Hikers will enjoy pleasant tours within a network of as many as 88 hiking trails, and the added value is provided by four themed educational trails deftly blended into the environment. 

More demanding mountaineers will find a challenge in conquering peaks such as Japetić, Plešivica, Zečak, Oštrc, Okić and the highest one, Sveta Gera. A bike is also welcome, and six marked trails will take you along and across the vast nature park. Whatever way and pace you move, open your eyes well and prick up your ears, because Žumberak is home to many species of plants and animals, some of which are endangered and protected. Maybe you will see a rare flower, a treasure lilac or an unusual black salamander.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

26. May 2022.