Air New Zealand, in collaboration with IATA, is introducing a digital health certificate

Air New Zealand passengers and employees will be among the first to try out the digital initiative to relaunch tourism by introducing a digital health certificate. With the ever-changing testing requirements ...

Air New Zealand passengers and employees will be among the first to try out the digital initiative to relaunch tourism by introducing a digital health certificate.

In addition to constantly changing entry and departure testing requirements and paperwork, Air New Zealand wants to simplify the health check process to help passengers know what they need for a safe trip on their next international trip. The airline will test the digital application in April Travel pass developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on the Auckland-Sydney route.

Air New Zealand’s Director of Digitization Jennifer Sepull points out that the goal is to enable customers to seamlessly manage digital travel documents throughout the journey. “When the borders reopen, the trip will look very different, and customer health information should be checked at check-in. It’s basically like having a digital health certificate that can be easily and securely shared with airlines. This will give passengers peace of mind keeping in mind that they meet all the travel requirements for different countries of the world before they even get to the airport", Sepull points out and emphasizes that convincing passengers that travel is actually one of their priorities.

By using the app, passengers can have confidence that everyone on the plane meets the same government health requirements. “If you have space to store all your health data digitally in one place, this will not only speed up the application process, but will unlock the potential for contactless travel”Adds Sepull.

Special focus on data privacy

There is no central database that stores personal data, while the application is developed with the highest level of privacy and data security, so passengers always have their own health information about COVID-19 under control.

Also, governments can be sure that passengers using the travel app fully meet the travel requirements for COVID-19, says IATA Senior Vice President Nick Careen, adding that the collaboration between IATA Travel Pass and Air New Zealand is an important milestone. towards the resumption of international travel. “Air New Zealand shows its leadership in the industry and is among the first in the world to offer its passengers a digital travel ticket. The IATA Travel Pass Air Test in New Zealand will help governments gain confidence to reopen borders and passengers to travel"Careen points out.

Customers will be able to create a digital wallet associated with their e-passport. After passengers are tested or vaccinated, laboratories should send data to each individual's application, according to Air New Zealand, and if the results are negative and the passenger is vaccinated, they will have a green mark for the trip.

The trial period will run for three weeks after the app is active for download in April, and the flight crew and customers will be invited to join the testing.

Learn more about the IATA Travel Pass app HERE or in the video and pdf presentation below.

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