Art'otel Zagreb opens: The artistic concept of the hotel will present Bućan's original work

art'otel Zagreb is a perfect combination of art, design and hospitality


12. September 2023.

Arena Hospitality Group is once again introducing a new international hotel brand to Croatia.

First art'otel a hotel group will soon open in Zagreb and Croatia Arena Hospitality Group downtown. This is currently the fifth hotel in Europe under the hotel brand art'otel, which is always located in cosmopolitan centers across Europe, while 2 more art'hotels are about to open.

It is a contemporary group of hotels with a unique concept in which exceptional architectural style is combined with artistically inspired interiors. Artistic concept Art Hotel Zagreb will present original work Boris Bućan.

The touching last collection of his life's creativity, which marked his entire life, welcomes guests at the very entrance to the hotel, and hotel guests will be able to enjoy the inspiration that this great work of the famous artist evokes in art lovers. 

Artotel Zagreb artstudio livingarea

art'otel Zagreb is located in the very heart of the city, inside the building of the Jewish Liturgical Municipality, a building that was built by the renowned architects Freudenreich & Deutsch in 1928.

The building in which the art'otel is located is one of the most beautiful examples of Zagreb's Art Déco architecture. The hotel has 110 rooms, an impressive and special Pan-Asian restaurant and bar This is it, 4 rooms for business meetings, spa, indoor pool, and rooftop bar, which is planned to open in 2024.

The core of the brand art'otel does the art itself. Each hotel exhibits a collection of original works designed or specially selected for each individual art'otel, which makes each of them a unique art gallery. The art'otel brand, which is completely different from traditional hotels, Arena Hospitality Group re-introduces a new international hotel brand to Croatia. That's how the Grand Hotel Brioni Pula and the Radisson Collection Hotel were opened a year ago. 

art'otel Zagreb is a perfect combination of art, design and hospitality and opens its doors to guests at the beginning of October.

Modern arrangement within the old core of the city, in a building that has been restored with great care, along with an excellent gastronomic offer and a focus on hospitality, will make this special city hotel concept a recognizable place for accommodation of local and foreign guests. 

1 artotel zagreb exterior

Artotel Zagreb junior suite

The artistic concept of the hotel, designed by award-winning interior design studio Digital Space, features original works by Boris Bućan. Paying homage to Bućan's amazing creative journey, art'otel Zagreb it represents a canvas through which people can connect with the artist's legacy by creating an emotional connection with his distinctive expression.

Born in Zagreb, Bućan belongs to the New Art Practice generation of artists who became interested in combining visual art with new technologies such as photography, polaroids, photocopies, film, video and graphic design. Bućan's work is extremely appreciated worldwide, he exhibited in MoMA and Tate, and now his bold and colorful, distinctive style is shown through art'otel Zagreb turning the hotel into a living gallery and a unique homage to his illustrious career.    

art'otel Zagreb will provide its guests with a complete experience of enjoying art through the works of Boris Bućan, the gastronomy of top chefs and the beauty of a modernly decorated hotel, where attention was paid to every detail and an offer that meets all the needs of hotel guests in the city center. 

In addition to the artistic side that the hotel will highlight in its offer, because there is nothing similar in Croatia and its surroundings, many will head to art'otel Zagreb because of the gastronomic offer. Yezi Zagreb is a pan-Asian restaurant located within the hotel and will treat its guests to a special fine dining feeling that they have not had the opportunity to experience in Zagreb. In the modern interior of the Yezi restaurant, guests will celebrate beautiful moments every time they come and brighten up their everyday life through the flavors of modern Asian cuisine, mixology, the best teas in the world and the finest European desserts.

Artotel Zagreb artroom bed with desk corner

Artotel Zagreb jezi bar

The head chef of the group is Werner Seebach, who was joined by executive chef Dino Knežević, along with established dim sum chef Tom Tian Hau Low, who has been with Werner since the beginning. Guests are expected with a top team of chefs  a menu full of dim sum, sashimi salads, yakitori and other well-known pan-Asian dishes, and personal dedication will be on the tasting menu and the presentation itself.    

art'otel's rooftop bar, which offers a view of the entire city, opens onto spring of 2024 and will complement the offer of this unique city hotel.

Guests will be able to enjoy the best cocktails and paired snacks, carefully selected details from the menu with a panoramic view of Zagreb for an unforgettable experience. For all business obligations, meetings and workshops, art'otel also has four modern and comfortably equipped rooms for business meetings on the top floor, where every meeting will be productive and efficient. The spa part of the hotel is fully equipped to provide guests with rest, relaxation and enjoyment in a variety of massages, baths and rituals offered by the renowned Gemology brand, two saunas, and for active rest there is a gym equipped with Technogym equipment. An indoor pool is also available to guests, which makes the offer of the spa zone perfect for the beginning or end of the day. 

The art'otel brand soon welcomes the opening of two new artistic concepts of the hotel art'otel London Hoxton and art'otel Rome in 2024, which continues the exciting new era of art'otel.

More about the new hotel that is opening soon in the center of Zagreb at art'otel Zagreb 

Photo: AHG


12. September 2023.