Bikademy Study Pag: A new step forward in the development of cycle tourism in the city of Pag

Cyclists, cyclists and recreationists can discover unique locations and win prizes no matter where they are on the island

Author  HrTurizam Promo

27. July 2023.

Bikademy, an innovative cycle tourism product, opened a new one Study - the city of Pag and the southern part of the island of Pag.

It is an ideal addition to the Novalja Studio with the northern part of the island, which Bikademy opened last October. Thus, they ensured that cycle tourists, cyclists and recreationists can discover unique locations and win prizes regardless of where they are on the island.

"Pag Will Rock Your World” is the name of this year's campaign, which shows all the reasons why Pag, in a positive way, can shake someone's world. The island was stripped bare by the storm, so the play on the word "rock" additionally indicates the significance of the stone. Whether it is the landscape, the charming streets or the incredible architecture of the city of Pag, stone is a witness to the city's rich past and an ally in the present. 

Bikademy is a concept that, just like a formal academy, has students, studies and exams. Task Bikademy Students is to choose Study (region or city) and cycle to the defaults Temptation (locations within the Studio).

When they get to the Exam, it is necessary to do check-in na to the free Bikademy mobile application after which they get award to visit all Exams of the selected Study.

The Pag study, apart from the city of Pag, contains six more Exams: Forticu, Kolansko polje, Paška Vrata viewpoint, Old Town Pag, Šimune and Veliko blato.

Krešimir Herceg, the owner of Bikademy, points out that cycling, as one of the most sustainable forms of movement, ensures less CO2 emissions and congestion, and at the same time increases physical activity and health benefits.

"Reducing crowds and cleaner air is key to a more comfortable life for local residents and a better experience for tourists. It is Bikademy's mission to enable this by motivating people to explore cultural and natural heritage by bicycle and at the same time promote destinations as desirable for cycle tourists." Herceg points out.

Bikademy old town page 5

Bikademy fortica page 5

"Bikademy is another opportunity to position the city and island of Pag as an ideal destination for active tourism and cycle tourists. With this partnership, we expect an increase in the number of cycle tourists and recreationists at the lesser-known cultural and natural attractions of the city of Pag and its surroundings.", she added Vesna Karavanić, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Pag.

The opening of this Studio was made possible by the Tourist Board of the City of Pag, the Municipality of Kolan and the Municipality of Povljana, along with Bikademy's partners, Enna Grupa and Giant Hrvatska, which provided the prizes.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

27. July 2023.