Traveler Review Awards 2021: Croatia among the most awarded destinations

Based on millions of guest reviews, has announced that it will be handing out 1.147.344 Traveler Review Awards for 2021, giving recognition to partners from 220 countries. In the year in ...

Based on millions of guest reviews, has announced that it will be handing out 1.147.344 Traveler Review Awards for 2021, giving recognition to partners from 220 countries.

In a year in which the travel sector has faced many unusual challenges, these awards recognize partners who offer accommodation and transport in 220 countries and territories

In Croatia, 52.992 of them received the Traveler Review Awards, which puts our country in the middle top 5 most awarded countries in the world behind Italy (151.801), Spain (81.341), France (77.687) and Germany (63.829). Although the ranking can not be viewed only through the number of awards, because the number of Booking partners in other countries is much higher, it is certainly clear that Croatia belongs to the top of world tourism, at least according to

As less and less travel was done, each trip meant more to travelers than usual and it became even more important to emphasize the outstanding service and hospitality shown by the Traveler Review Award winners in this extraordinary year, said Arjan Dijk, SVP and Marketing Director in booking.comhe added: "In our mission to make it easier for everyone to explore the world, our partners play an extremely important role in providing amazing user experiences to travelers and I know that with their perseverance, partnership and passion we can rebuild the travel sector and help even more travelers rediscover our beautiful world." also revealed the key features of an excellent stay as well as the most hospitable places in Croatia.

Key features of an excellent stay’s Traveler Review Awards 2021 reveal data on passenger preferences in the past year and reveal that Croatian travelers highest prices staff, cleanliness and location when judging the facilities of the award winner on the platform because these three factors have the highest ratings among the categories that passengers rate after their stay. 

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These preferences also correspond to world trends, which show that staff the category with the highest scores among the winners of the Traveler Review Award 2021, followed by cleanliness and location. As users pay more attention to health and hygiene, the award winners had an average of 17% higher rating than the average rating for cleanliness in non-award winning facilities, which means that this is the main distinguishing factor for a better welcome.

Another proof of the importance of access to tourists, which is crucial. 

The most hospitable places in Croatia 

The most hospitable places in Croatia according to traveler reviews are in Lika-Senj and Karlovac counties. 

At the top of the list, with the highest percentage of winners among the facilities that met the criteria, is Selište Drezničko, Karlovac County, followed by Grabovac, Karlovac County; Jezerce, Lika-Senj County; Korenica, Lika-Senj County; Slunj; Karlovac County, Smoljanac, Lika-Senj County; Otočac, Lika-Senj County; Skradin, Šibenik-Knin County and Karlovac, Karlovac County.

Holiday homes, apartments and unique accommodation facilities remain favorites among travelers

While hotels remain the second most awarded type of accommodation in the world for 2021, for the fourth year in a row four of the five most awarded types of accommodation in the world are unique accommodation facilities: apartments (484.243), hotels (175.748), cottages (123.145), private accommodation (94.003) , bed and breakfasts (78.903). The most awarded types of accommodation in Croatia for 2021 include apartments, holiday homes, villas and hotels. 

Bed and breakfasts, farm accommodation, country houses, lodgings and private accommodation have made up most of the most hospitable types of accommodation in the world, showing how interesting it is for travelers to stay in unique accommodation facilities. Also interesting is the information that alternative accommodation facilities account for 30% of all new bookings in the third quarter of 2020 at the level of the entire platform.

The car as the main means of transport 

A recent survey by shows that almost half of Croatian passengers (51%) went on a car trip in 2020 (which is above the world average of 24%) and that 29% of them traveled more within the country in 2020. compared to 2019, which is almost equal to the global average of 32%.

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