Over 5,4 million euros have been paid so far. Valamar made a smart step forward with the Croatian tourist card

The Croatian tourist card is alive and that's great news.

27. December 2023.

Croatian tourist card is alive and that's great news.

Although the entire project has been plagued by bad "karma", communication errors, bad "timing", i.e. the time of launch, since the start of 2020, despite everything, the project is alive and so far the Croatian tourist card has already been paid via an impressive 5,4 million euros. The amount that will be spent exclusively locally, i.e. in Croatia.

As we know, it is possible to use the Croatian tourist card throughout the year (regardless of the season),  in the field throughout the Republic of Croatia and without time limits, in all hospitality facilities (hotels, camps, hostels, private accommodation, restaurants, bars) that have the option of card payment, as well as travel agencies and charters. 

Let us remind you that the Croatian tourist card is a project of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports with the aim of increasing consumption in hospitality and tourism throughout the Republic of Croatia. With this card, payment is possible in all catering facilities that provide food preparation and beverage services, in the facilities they provide accommodation service and payment services of charters and travel agencies in Croatia (exclusively via POS terminal).

I would especially emphasize the services of charters and travel agencies, which provides a wider range of tourist experiences and opportunities for users of the Croatian Tourist Card, as well as the dispersion of spending on a wider spectrum of tourism stakeholders. It's certainly a smart move that the above-mentioned stakeholders got involved in the story surrounding the Croatian Tourist Card - both for the stakeholders and for the users. 

Given that the end of the year is approaching, it is particularly interesting to point out that in accordance with the Income Tax Ordinance, in addition to other non-taxable rewards and receipts, which employers can pay to employees in one calendar year (payment of special rewards, i.e. non-taxable receipts to employees (Christmas gifts, Easter holidays and holiday pay), awards for work results and other forms of additional remuneration for workers, flat-rate compensation for meeting the costs of food for workers, etc.), in addition, they can also pay tax-free compensation for catering, tourism and other services intended for workers' vacations in the amount of up to HRK 2500, i.e. €331,81 per year, on top of all other tax-free benefits. 

What is otherwise, let alone in a situation where it is imperative to retain quality human capital, a good additional motive and tool for companies to improve overall working conditions and employee satisfaction. 

Valamar made a smart move with Croatian tourist card

Valamar is within its program of more favorable prices, Valamar Family & Friends, entered into cooperation with business partners i suppliers which also entitles the employees of these companies to a discount of up to 50% for a private stay in Valamara hotels, camps and summer resorts throughout Croatia using Croatian tourist card.

In addition, with the Croatian tourist card, service providers can expand the palette of their domestic guests, who, in addition to future return visits, also become ambassadors of the facility they are visiting and has the effect of indirect promotion. Because if you know a colleague or friend who has a Croatian tourist card and who, thanks to it, has been to one of the facilities that offers additional benefits for paying with a Croatian tourist card, then the word spreads and encourages others to use their budget from Croatia tourist cards also in that facility. The story is spreading, and we know that the best marketing is, always has been and will be, word of mouth, i.e. via a personal recommendation from a person we know and trust. 

The move to expand to Valamar's partners will most certainly directly encourage the expansion of the Croatian tourist card user base, both by encouraging companies to use the Croatian tourist card as an additional means of rewarding employees, and through higher spending. 

As with any additional convenience, it is not enough to introduce it and expect it to be accepted on the market by itself. It needs to be promoted and additionally communicated, and a special campaign - and what's more, personalized communication for owners of the Croatian Tourist Card is definitely a good move because it creates differentiation on the market and a personalized message. 

So it's not just a one-time move by Valamar, but obviously also a good additional channel and a tool to fill the existing capacities even outside the summer season.  

In this way, Valamar actively got involved and gave strong support to the initiative of the Croatian Tourist Card, a project of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, whose goal is to enable Croatian citizens to more accessible use of services in catering and tourist facilities throughout Croatia, he states. Ines Damjanić, vice president for human resources in Valamar He adds: 

"We welcome the Croatian tourist card project with the aim of further development of domestic tourism, but also as an excellent form of investment in employee satisfaction, which is something that we continuously work on in Valamar. We believe that many partners of Valamar will join this initiative and reward their employees with the Croatian tourist card, while Valamar provides them with additional discounts within the Valamar Family & Friends program.she pointed out Damjanic.

Valamar employees and other users can use the Croatian tourist card to pay in all catering establishments and in establishments that provide accommodation services - hotels, camps, boarding houses, private renters. The only condition for using the Croatian Tourist Card is that the service providers have a POS device and accept payment by payment cards, so that all tourist service providers can receive payment via the Croatian Tourist Card. 

All users of the Croatian Tourist Card can obtain discounts when paying at certain locations, and lists of current benefits and discounts are available on the page www.hrvatskaturistickakartica.hr

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Source: Croatian tourist card

Over 5,4 million euros were paid through the Croatian tourist card 

The card was introduced in 2020, a ending with 31.10.2023. years issued more than 6500 with a total transfer of funds of over 5,4 million euros. I will emphasize again how this amount will be spent in Croatia. The amount is certainly not small, in fact, I personally was positively surprised, while on the other hand, the growth potential is certain that the mentioned amount can be multiplied. 

It is good to emphasize once again that the Croatian tourist card it is not intended for withdrawing cash, negotiable exclusive payment of services in all catering facilities that provide food preparation and beverage services (restaurants, cafes, fast food, etc.), all facilities that provide accommodation services (hotels, camps, boarding houses, private renters, etc.), charter services (boat rentals) and others services of tourist agencies in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, which have a POS device and accept payment by payment cards.

The Croatian tourist card certainly has the potential to strengthen domestic travel, especially in the domain of continental and rural tourism (if the destinations are activated and imposed on the market), mostly in the pre- and post-season, which is in the domain of year-round tourism, and encourage Croats to take more domestic trips during the year. As with everything, it takes time for a new project to be accepted and live on the market.

Valamar's move is certainly on that track, and they didn't join it just "pro forme", but they saw an opportunity to strengthen sales on the domestic market. 

I sincerely hope that they will become more active and in greater numbers tourism stakeholders join the Croatian tourist card project, how will companies saw the benefits for themselves and their employees, and how they will tourist destinations to do special campaigns and generate content as a motive for the visit related to the project of the Croatian Tourist Board. 

A list of current partners and how to join can be found on the website www.hrvatskaturistickakartica.hr.

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27. December 2023.