The Gorič pipe or wind organ is a new tourist and world attraction in Međimurje

Officially opened continental tourist hit, at the same time a world attraction.


24. March 2024.

Madjerkin breg which is located at 341 meters above sea level, it has long since become an indispensable tourist spot, a place where one welcomes the sunrise, drinks top Međimurje wine, and a point from which one can see several countries: Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, and in clear weather one can even see Slovakia.

Now Vidikovac is enriched with a unique wind organ - Gorica piper, which additionally classified the Municipality of Štrigova and Međimurje among the top destinations of continental tourism. Along with great wines, a unique atmosphere is now offered.

Gori pipe it is most similar to an organ - unique, most likely on a global scale - 18 meters high, and extends from the ground floor of the observatory to its fourth level.

The player plays music on three different ones ways. It also plays music on the wind, just as the Zadar organ is moved by waves, but keyboards can also be connected to it and a live concert can be held.

Gorica instrument 15 2

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It was originally intended for playback Međimurje songs, included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural assets of humanity.

The list of songs that can be played on the Gorička spiral has been expanded to include other appropriate compositions. The selection of the offered songs is possible on the screen menus at the bottom and at the top of the viewing platform.

Another way of performing on the piano is to connect a keyboard to it, which enables playing the instrument 'live'. The Gorič pipe can be played in a range of 5 octaves.

In addition to this new attraction in the lower part of Vidikovac, at the very top there is a 'wind catcher' inside which it is located Wind whistle. By flowing air through this part, free wind-produced melodies are created.

The project was designed by the TZ Štrigova and Međimurje County, and it was financed mostly from EU funds.

The concept of Vidikovac Gorički Piper and Wind Player was designed by a team of architects from Urbia, a spatial planning and architecture company from Čakovec - Bojan and Igor Perhoč, and it was built by the company Organism Škarbl from Rogaška Slatina.

From the very beginning, the idea was to equip the 28-meter high lookout tower with an organ, the so-called the Gorica pipe, i.e. a construction that is also 'controlled' by the wind. In 2023, Međimurje County financially enabled the installation and tuning of the organ with 66.365 euros.

From March 22, 2024, the attractive lookout point on all four sides of the world also carries the melodies of the Međimurje folk song, which UNESCO declared a treasure of humanity.

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"According to our knowledge, there is no other such viewpoint that would have a pipe or an organ, as we call it. We have long been known for wine, because this is a wine-growing region, and we could never have imagined that overnight we would become a hit destination for something that actually has nothing to do with wine", the mayor of Štrigova Municipality pointed out, Stanislav Rebernik.

An architect Bojan Perhoč he singled out organ builders, a Slovenian company from Rogaška Slatina, and added: "They realized 550 organs all over the world, without them this would not have happened".

The owner of the Slovenian company 'Orglarstvo Škrabl' said that until the invention of the telephone, the organ was considered the most complex human construction. "Your instruments are absolutely unique, they don't exist in Europe, and I'm sure not even in the world " he concluded Scrabble.

Posavec: This is not only tourism, it is also the promotion of Međimurje folk songs, our culture and natural beauty, and ultimately tourism 

The prefect pointed out that this is a new meteoric rise in tourism in Međimurje Matija Posavec stressing that the big project on Magjerkina breg is actually the beginning of that takeoff.

"With the construction of a viewpoint on the most famous and most beautiful location in the county, on Magjerkina breg, this place has become a mandatory destination for all visitors and tourists who come to enjoy the view and natural beauty", said the prefect and added that he believes that the Goričko pipe, which is unique in this part of Europe, will attract even more visitors who will come to enjoy the place where the earth falls in love with the sky.

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"We will not stop there, our next step is the construction of a zipline, as well as an Interpretation Center for visitors dedicated to St. Jerome, which will complete the story of the self-effacing hardworking man of the hilly region of Međimurje, the story of the rich history and heritage that we have inherited and which - on the nicest possible way - we know how to tell the guest. This is not only tourism, it is also the promotion of Međimurje folk songs, our culture and natural beauty, and ultimately tourism.", concluded the prefect.

The location of the lookout point is so popular that it has outgrown itself and requires additional interventions related to the traffic infrastructure. That is why the Međimurje County requested the recategorization of the road there so that adequate access solutions to this unusual place could be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Smart planning - also as an important factor of sustainable tourism and strategic development. Bravo Međimurje.

Photo: Matej Ščavničar


24. March 2024.