hrturism espresso: Milan Popović, TZ of the City of Umag

hrturism espresso #5


4. April 2024.

After Denis Ivošević, Đura Tomljenović, Antonia Radić Brkan and Jasmine Cvetković, the loud espresso thinking about sustainable tourism brings us Milan Popović, director of the Umag Tourist Board.

There is a lot of talk about sustainable tourism, which is imperative in tourism development today. But the fact is also when I ask people directly: What is sustainable tourism? - few of them can answer concretely what it is about in practice.

Sustainable tourism is much more than just the definition or putting panels on the roofs of buildings.

Therefore, our goal is through the series hrturism espresso to give a broader view of sustainable tourism in practice from colleagues from various tourism industries, each of whom gives an answer to the question of what sustainable tourism is in 30 seconds from their point of view and action.

As top baristas say: "A perfect extraction time for espresso generally ranges from 25 to 30 seconds, resulting in a well-balanced espresso."

Here's what he says in 30 seconds Milan Popović, director of the Umag Tourist Board, when asked what sustainable tourism is for him.

In 30 seconds, while I make you an espresso, can you tell me what sustainable tourism is for you? Write what sustainable tourism is for you in the comments.

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4. April 2024.