Hvar's reusable ashtrays were well received, new eco projects are following

Taking care of the environment is increasingly important, they are aware of this in Hvar as well.

Author  Blanka Kufner

22. August 2023.

This year, the Hvar Tourist Board decided to take concrete steps with the aim of reducing the amount of cigarettes on the beaches. By creating 'beach' portable reusable ashtrays (ECO BIN) and their distribution, they hope to have a more significant positive impact on the environment. Eco ashtrays are intended both for visitors to Hvar and for the local population. 

Ashtrays are made of environmentally friendly, recycled and non-combustible plastic (polypropylene) that can be reusable and later again recycle. The containers are portable, multi-purpose and have a lid that prevents spillage or, on windy days, the contents from being blown away. After use, they are simply emptied, cleaned and taken back to the beach.

Eco ashtrays are intended for all visitors to Hvar, they are practical and contribute to keeping the beaches and the city of Hvar (p)remain cleaner, says the Hvar tourist board. The owners of private accommodation and restaurants on the beaches were informed about the project through their website Web pages and e-mailing lists. Ashtrays, apart from those mentioned, can be collected by other interested parties at the office of the TZ of the town of Hvar.

Satisfied with the response

The response from users is really great and they are very satisfied with the reaction of users who come back for additional portable ashtrays for new guests. "We distributed most of them in a short time, so we will certainly continue with this initiative in the future", they point out from TZ.

"With this seemingly small project, the TZ of the city of Hvar continues the story on which the plan and program of work is based, which is that 'we all make the destination together'. A great response from restaurateurs, private renters and others who supported this action and introduced Hvar's guests to the initiative , is truly joyful and contributes to the idea that each of us can contribute - not only to the quality of the stay of tourists, but also to influence the sustainability and ecological stability of the island.", she said for HrTurizam Iva Belaj Šantić, director of TZ City of Hvar.

The Tourist Board of the Town of Hvar, in cooperation with the Town of Hvar, will in the coming period, in addition to cultural, entertainment and marketing activities, devote a significant part to raising the quality of the tourist infrastructure as well as systematic education of the local population and visitors on the topic of preserving the cultural, historical and natural heritage, which is has always been one of the main reasons for coming to Hvar, she added.

"I believe that with the cooperation of all stakeholders in the tourist offer, as well as the involvement of the local population, the authorities and all relevant institutions, we can determine the direction in which we want Hvar to 'sail', all with the aim that the city of Hvar continues to be one of the world's most desirable destinations as well as a place in which the local population lives with pleasure throughout the year", pointed out Belaj Šantić.

The initiative for eco ashtrays came from TZ with the aim of continuing to raise awareness among the citizens and guests of Hvar about the importance of preserving nature and taking care of the environment, as well as a more positive perception of citizens and tourists about Hvar as an ecologically conscious tourist destination. The initiative is fully financed by the TZ of the city of Hvar. 1000 pieces of ashtrays were ordered from the company Promix for the production of Eko-bin, and they were made with the slogan:



Photo: Hvar Tourist Board


New projects are planned

In cooperation with the City of Hvar, there is a project aimed at making citizens and tourists aware that the drinking water from the public system is of high quality and safe to use, we learn from the Hvar TZ. 

"By reducing the consumption of water from single-use plastic bottles by using multi-purpose bottles and refilling them for free at various locations in the town of Hvar, we would reduce the amount of plastic waste, but also raise awareness of the importance of preserving natural resources. This project is planned to be implemented by the next tourist season", they state.

Sustainability comes down to the relationship between people and the environment, and every, even the smallest act, has a certain impact on the space around us. "In order to really act sustainably, we need to change our way of life. We believe that even small steps are better than none at all", they say from TZ.

Water is the essence of life, they add, and must not be used in a way that harms the environment. "In addition, a huge amount of single-use plastic bottles end up in the sea, and the town of Hvar and the island live from the sea and beautiful nature, and we want to raise awareness of that part and contribute to positive changes.", conclude from the TZ of the city of Hvar.

Photo: Hvar Tourist Board

Author  Blanka Kufner

22. August 2023.